The best Xbox Series X deals, prices and sales in December 2022

Xbox Series X
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It's been an interesting time for Xbox Series X deals. Black Friday offered a $20 / £20 discount on the main model, so we're hoping to see more deals over the holidays period. It's all to play for seeing as stock levels have evened out now, so we're running through everything we could see from Xbox Series X bundles in the future and all the discounts live right now. 

If you're in the US, rest assured, there are ways to save on your new console, through Xbox Series X deals on accessories, games, and services. Not only that, but All Access offerings can save you outright on your console, and Microsoft has started selling discounted renewed devices as well. That means there are plenty of offers out there for the discerning deal-hunter to enjoy. 

There are ways to save on your overall Xbox Series X experience - be it through deals on Xbox Series X accessories or Xbox Game Pass sales. You'll find all our top tips for making the most of these offers just below, as well as all the retailers you should be checking for stock.

Of course, Black Friday Xbox deals are just around the corner, and we'll be scouring all those Black Friday gaming deals for the latest discounts. 

Xbox Series X deals in the US

Xbox Series X (Certified Refurbished) | $499.99 (opens in new tab)

Xbox Series X (Certified Refurbished) | $499.99 $469.99 at Microsoft (opens in new tab)
Save $30 - You can save $30 on the Xbox Series X at Microsoft right now, when you pick up a certified refurbished console from the brand itself. 

Considering brand new stock is readily available at Best Buy (opens in new tab), however, this might not be the best choice for longevity's sake. If you're looking to spend as little as possible, though, this is the first true Xbox Series X deal we've seen.

Xbox Series X All Access | $34.99 per month over 24 months at Walmart (opens in new tab)

Xbox Series X All Access | $34.99 per month over 24 months at Walmart (opens in new tab)
Walmart has been offering Xbox Series X deals via All Access for a while now, and if you're happy to pay monthly it's one of the most cost-effective ways to grab a console and Game Pass Ultimate subscription available. Removing the cost of at Game Pass Ultimate membership from the final price, and you're actually saving $20 on the console itself by taking this route.

Xbox Series X deals in the UK

Xbox Series X (Certified Refurbished) | £449.99 (opens in new tab)

Xbox Series X (Certified Refurbished) | £449.99 £419.99 at Microsoft (opens in new tab)
Save £30 - You can also save £30 at the UK Microsoft store, by opting for a certified refurbished console. Again, considering stock is so easy to get hold of at Amazon (opens in new tab), we'd recommend picking up a brand-new model for the best value. However, if you're after the lowest price possible this is it.

Xbox Series X | £449.99 (opens in new tab)

Xbox Series X | £449.99 £429.97 at Box (opens in new tab)
Save £20 - Box has a limited-time deal that reduces the price of the console by £20, a decent saving considering it was the same one offered on Black Friday. It doesn't get better than this.

What is the Xbox Series X price?

The official Xbox Series X price is $499 in the US and £449 in the UK. If you see a price higher than that without any extras, you are being overcharged and should avoid. Typically the inflated prices aren't subtle either, we're talking hundreds rather than tens extra. 

Some stores may take advantage in other ways by limited sellable stock to bundles, with extra games or headset. We've seen some with really naff hats and T-shirts too. Some stores might bump up the prices of these items, but one thing's for sure, you won't be saving a penny on the bundled items at this time.

Xbox Series X deals on accessories

Xbox Series X controller buttons

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The Xbox Series X price might make you wince, but the console's got one major advantage you may not have considered - backward compatibility for accessories and games.

After paying for a console, you'd normally have to factor in costs for games along with new controllers, subscriptions, and whatever extras the publishers are pushing. But with any Xbox Series X bundles, all of your existing Xbox One peripherals and services are forwards compatible. That means your achievements, progression, controllers, memberships, and Xbox One headsets move forward to Series X. Many of the top audio-brands have contributed to our guide to the best Xbox Series X headsets as a result.

The console also lets you play older Xbox One games via both the optical disc drive and digital download, not to mention Game Pass. That allows you to save a couple of hundred dollars right off the bat - you don't need to buy specific 'next-gen' versions of a game, as they're usually the same.

We've gathered the best Xbox Series X deals on games and accessories below. Check them out if you want a discount!

How to save on the Xbox Series X price

Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles

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The Xbox Series X price is still a hefty chunk of cash to spend. But you don't necessarily have to pay it off in one go. Enter Microsoft's fancy Xbox All Access system. This is a payment plan, and it allows you to get an Xbox Series X for a monthly fee spread over two years. It'll set you back $34.99 per month in the US, £28.99p/m in the UK, and $46p/m in Australia. 

Interestingly, Xbox All Access doesn't just get you the console. It also offers 24 months of Game Pass Ultimate as well. Because Game Pass is a bit like Netflix for gaming (with well over 100 games and counting), that's a solid deal. Particularly due to the fact that new Xbox exclusive games like Halo will appear on Game Pass for free on the day of release. 

Thanks to this, Xbox All Access might be one of the more sensible options when it comes to buying an Xbox Series X. Indeed, it saves you money in the long run. Sure, you're only getting a small amount knocked off the overall price, but it's still cheaper than buying the console and two years of Game Pass separately.

However, be advised that you won't find Xbox All Access in many stores besides Microsoft. GameStop and Walmart fill that role in the US, and Game or Smyths have the honor in the UK.

If you want to check out what you'll be playing next-gen, head on over to our guide to upcoming Xbox Series X games. If you're after more savings, we're also rounding up all the latest Xbox Live Gold deals as well. If you're torn between Microsoft's consoles, we're also showing you all the Xbox Series X vs Xbox Series S differences as well.

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