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Xbox Series S pre-orders, price, and bundles: you can order the console now

Xbox Series S pre-orders
(Image credit: Microsoft)

Xbox Series S pre-orders went live this week, and it's been a very busy few hours. Because the Xbox Series S price is just a fraction of the more powerful Xbox Series X and PS5, it's been selling out fast. However, that doesn't mean you can't still buy it. UK site Box claims to have Series S stock to go with Series X pre-orders, and Microsoft still appeared to have units to sell on both sides of the pond.

With that in mind, we'd recommend jumping on Xbox Series S pre-orders sooner than later - the Xbox Series X pre-orders are almost completely gone, and we don't expect the Series S to last much longer. That's because the super-low Xbox Series S price points towards an entry-level next-gen system. It aims to get players into the next generation for as little as possible; in fact, it costs a similar amount to the old Xbox One X.

To be precise, the Xbox Series S price is $299 in the US, £249.99 in the UK, and $499 for Australia. By comparison, the Xbox Series X price and PS5 price are almost twice as expensive. Even the more affordable PS5 Digital Edition is a good $100 / £100 more. If budget is your main concern, it's hard to argue with the cost of Xbox Series S pre-orders; it's comfortably the most affordable next-gen console we've had in a long time.

Convinced? You can put money down for both versions of next-gen Xbox right now. The consoles will then launch at the beginning of November (November 10, to get specific).

For more details on Xbox Series S pre-orders and what deals might be available at launch, read on. In the meantime, sign up for email alerts below if you want to be kept up to date on all things next-gen.

Pre-order Xbox Series S and Series X: retailer list

Here we go - next-gen has arrived. Ahead of the November 10 release date, pre-orders are finally upon us. You can find some quick links below. Bear with us on these links, though as many online retailers have been suffering site crashes all day. 

11:55am BST - Those technical gremlins are back in the system, it seems. Despite UK retailer Box promising that they'd have stock for the Xbox Series X, we've heard that they're having to push sales back to this afternoon. There don't seem to be any Xbox Series S pre-orders on offer, unfortunately. We'll keep you posted as and when we know more.

9:45am ET / 12:45pm PT - Looks like we may be coming to the end of the pre-order rush. Even though the official Microsoft store still claims to have Xbox Series S pre-orders, we're not sure how long that's going to last; the page is having some technical difficulties, and we're not always able to click on the 'configure now' button to confirm our order. Keep at it, and refresh the page if you encounter the same problem.

9:35am ET / 12:35pm PT - Stock is still available via the official Microsoft store, so we'd suggest hot-footing it over to their website before all the stock is gone. It even has Xbox Series X pre-orders, if you move fast. Considering the struggle even loading the store has been this morning, we don't recommend hanging around either way. Good luck!

9:20am ET / 12:20pm PT - THANK GOODNESS FOR THAT! We have success. More specifically, the official Microsoft store is now offering Xbox Series S pre-orders. Head over there to get your console. Be quick; judging by how much the site has struggled today, we imagine a lot of other people are trying to get their own copy.

9:10am ET / 12:10pm PT - We wish we had better news for you. Unfortunately, Xbox Series S pre-orders are still off the table. We're not entirely certain why. However, their absence means they're likely to kick in soon. This also happened in the UK, so keep your eyes peeled and keep hitting that refresh button.

8:55am ET / 11:55am PT - You have to laugh. If we didn't, we'd cry. We've been here almost an hour and practically all the retailers that are offering Xbox Series S pre-orders are plain busted. Broken. Out for the count. Newegg had Series X stock ever so briefly, but that's the exception to the rule. Every other website seems to have collapsed beneath the strain. Bear with us! We'll keep checking and let you know the moment that changes.

8:06am ET / 11:06am PT - Oh dear, off to a cracking start. Microsoft's online store isn't working and Amazon is struggling as well. Don't panic, it's not the links that are bad; it's just the sheer weight of demand making the websites fall over.

8am ET / 11am PT - And here we go. This is the moment you've been waiting for; Xbox Series S console pre-orders are available. Although you'll be able to find the console with the usual suspects, we'd suggest visiting Microsoft's online store if at all possible. While Amazon is bound to have loads of stock, it's also the place most people will go to first. That means it could run out of stock very, very quickly. Newegg is another good alternative, even if it doesn't have a Series S page yet - it's an unorthodox choice because it normally focuses on PC gear. We'd recommend keeping an eye out for B&H Photo for much the same reason.

11:30am BST - Things are starting to slow down at last. Although the Series X is basically out of commission everywhere other than Microsoft, the Xbox Series S pre-orders are still live at Amazon, Microsoft, Very, and AO. Unfortunately, they seem to have sold out at Currys - the option to pre-order is no longer available.

11:05am - AO has come out swinging with its own offers. It's providing a handful of bundles that include Xbox Game Pass or an extra controller alongside solo Xbox Series S pre-orders. Elsewhere, Amazon, Currys, Microsoft, and Very still have stock of the S console. Sadly, the same can't be said of the Series X. Only Microsoft's official store still has Series X stock.

11am - Xbox Series S pre-orders are still going strong across the board. Indeed, you can currently pick them up at Amazon, Currys, Microsoft, or Very. The latter has a variety of deals that get you bonus controllers or Xbox Game Pass, so it's well worth considering. Fortunately, stock doesn't seem to be vanishing as fast for this version of the console as it is for the Series X.

10:10am - Stock for Xbox Series S pre-orders is still going strong at most retailers; Amazon and Microsoft still seem to have stock on the next-gen console, which is more than we can say for the Series X (that one is only available at Very and Microsoft right now). Currys also appears to have stock, but its page reads 'pre-order in store from 10am' rather than letting you go straight to the online order. Weird.

9:20am - It seems like the Xbox Series S pre-orders are still going strong. In fact, stock appears to be hanging on at Amazon, Currys, and Microsoft. We'd move quickly, though. The system is probably going to drop out sooner than later, especially now that the Xbox Series X is sold out (boo).

8:55am - Just joined us? Good news. At the time of writing, you can still get your Xbox Series S pre-orders at Amazon, Currys, and Microsoft. Stock seems to be holding, which is more than we can say for the Xbox Series X. That console appears to have sold out at various retailers, making it tricky to get hold of. 

8:50am - Oh there we go, here it is; Amazon has finally joined the party for Xbox Series S pre-orders. About time. Orders on the X have been live for 50 minutes! Anyway. The point is, you can now put down a deposit on the Xbox Series S price on the country's biggest retailer. It might be a good idea to get on that; although Currys still seems to have stock, the dreaded queue has returned. You're looking at a long wait if you haven't already been camped on that page.

8:40am - Heads up everyone, Microsoft and Currys still have Xbox Series S pre-orders in stock (as well as the Series X, no less). Indeed, the Currys queue - which was thousands of people long just minutes ago - seems to have tumbled down. You can pick up the system with nothing but a £5 deposit on the Xbox Series S price. Considering the fact that the Series X now seems to be sold out on Amazon, that's a win-win.

8:35am - Xbox Series S pre-orders still seem to be going strong; they haven't run out of stock just yet. That includes Microsoft's official store and the ever-faithful Currys (whose queue has now dropped to more manageable levels). That makes a pleasant change. The PS5 release last week saw the machines selling out within seconds, and the Series X seems to have sold out all over the place as well. But don't give up hope. The 4K machine could come back soon. Just keep an eye on the links above for updates, not to mention on the Xbox Series S price and availability.

Xbox Series S price - how much does it cost?

Xbox Series S price

(Image credit: Xbox)

Unlike the Series X, we now have an official Xbox Series S price. We've listed these below per region.

  • US: $299.99
  • UK: £249.99
  • AU: $499.99

Not bad, right? Considering the fact that the Xbox Series S will still play next-gen games (albeit digitally due to the fact that it doesn't have a disc drive), that's pretty amazing value for money.

Alright, so it's not as powerful as the Series X. But that's not a totally fair comparison. The Series S is an entry-level next-gen system and is a hell of a lot more affordable as a result. And considering all the must-have games that are coming out for next-gen systems - from Cyberpunk 2077 to Fable - that's no bad thing.

Will there be any other Xbox systems in the near future? Probably not this year. We suspect the Series S and X are going to be the only ones on offer this Holiday season because they fit such clear roles. You get the Series S if you want an entry-level system and aren't fussed by the latest tech, or you buy the Series X if you want the full next-gen experience without limits.

No matter what, we'll be able to try the consoles for ourselves this November 10.

Where can I get Xbox Series S pre-orders?

Xbox Series S price

(Image credit: Xbox)

You can now get Xbox Series S pre-orders from most retailers, and they're selling fast. Want to guarantee stock? You should look at the usual suspects - in the US that means Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, and Gamestop. Because they're the biggest chains, they're likely to have the most consoles available. Just be careful when it comes to Gamestop. Coronavirus has hit the high street hard, so certain branches might shut down before the holiday season arrives.

As for the UK, your best best are going to be Amazon, Currys, Argos, and Game for much the same reason (although Game may also close stores due to COVID-19, so beware). In addition, the likes of TheGameCollection,, and are probably going to get a fair amount of Xbox One S stock. Keep an eye on John Lewis, too. Its electronics feature a free 2-year guarantee at no extra cost.

Naturally, Microsoft itself will also offer pre-orders via its online store if all else fails. Besides the current Xbox One consoles, it provides deals on the best Xbox One accessories. Don't expect any sort of discount, though.

We've listed some quick retailer links below so you can be as ready as possible for Xbox Series S pre-orders.

Xbox Series S pre-orders (US)

The biggest kid on the block is sure to get the most Xbox Series S pre-orders and stock. That means it'll be the first port of call for many of us, particularly with Amazon Prime delivery. But be careful - demand will be just as high, so get some alternatives lined up in case it sells out.View Deal

Naturally, Walmart is another good bet when it comes to Xbox Series S pre-orders. As one of the biggest chains around, it'll have loads of stock. Plus, you can pick up your online order in store if you'd like to avoid the stress of whether you'll be at home to accept delivery on the day or not.View Deal

Best Buy
As with Walmart, Best Buy are another big name that's sure to get loads of stock for Xbox Series S pre-orders. What's more, they offer in-store pickups for online orders as well. That provides plenty of flexibility, which is no bad thing.View Deal

Obviously, one of the best choices for Xbox Series S pre-orders would be Microsoft itself. Because it makes the console, it's guaranteed to have plenty of stock on day one.View Deal

Xbox Series S pre-orders (UK)

In terms of top UK retailers for Xbox Series S pre-orders, Amazon leads the pack. It's easily amongst the biggest retailers so is sure to get lots of stock to offer. What's more, those quick Amazon Prime deliveries make it a very tempting choice. Just remember, everyone else will have the same idea. That makes getting some backup choices ready a good plan.View Deal

Currys PC World
As one of the biggest names on the UK high street, there's no doubt that Currys will have plenty of Xbox Series S pre-orders on offer. It's been one of the most consistent for good deals during the pandemic, so expect them to knock it out of the park here as well.View Deal

Argos should be a great choice as well; it's big enough to get a lot of Xbox Series S pre-order stock. It should also allow you to collect your online order in-store. That means you don't have to worry about missing the delivery if you're in work that day.View Deal

John Lewis
John Lewis is a strong contender for Xbox Series S pre-orders for a reason - it offers a two-year warranty as standard on electronics. Most retailers only provide one and charge for anything extra, so this is a very tempting deal.View Deal

Of course, Microsoft is comfortably one of the best options for Xbox Series S pre-orders. Its online store will presumably have lots of stock to go round, making it a solid bet if you're looking to pick up your copy of the next-gen console.View Deal

What about Xbox Series S bundles and deals?

Xbox Series S price

(Image credit: Xbox)

Will we be able to pick up Xbox Series S bundles on launch day? Almost certainly. There are more than enough new games arriving at the same time, so it'd make sense for some to be included as an incentive (Assassin's Creed Valhalla, we're looking at you). However, the S being digital-only may throw a slight spanner in the works. Redeemable game codes with the console are usually dictated by Microsoft, meaning you're unlikely to find retailers cobbling together offers that get you the console and other upcoming Xbox Series X games for less.

Not that you'd get bundles for a reduced cost anyway. Price-drops are almost non-existent in the early days of a console's life-cycle, so Xbox Series S deals will be a similar price to all the items bought separately. If you want to save money, you're more likely to get discounts on Xbox Live Gold deals or a few free months of Xbox Game Pass.

No matter what, don't expect Halo Infinite to launch with the console at the end of this year. The game's been delayed to 2021, so we won't be playing Master Chief's latest mission with any Xbox Series S bundles this year.

Xbox Series S - what's the difference?

This is where things get interesting - what makes the Xbox Series S different to the Series X? For starters, it's a sizeable 60% smaller than the Xbox Series X and doesn't have a disc drive. It'll still manage next-gen games, though. A leaked trailer highlighted the specific tech inside, from a custom NVME 512GB SSD powered by Xbox Velocity Architecture to graphics capable of DirectX ray tracing, 1440p, and up to 120 frames-per-second. 

In short, the Xbox Series X is still capable of cool next-gen features such as variable-rate shading, ultra-low latency, and blindingly fast loading times. It reduces loading to a few seconds instead of minutes, so our gaming experiences will change for the better on Series S.

All this means that games will run better and faster on Xbox Series S than you'll be used to on the current Xbox One X or PS4 Pro. Just remember, it won't be able to match the more expensive Xbox Series X graphically - it's simply not as powerful. Games will still look great, of course, but they're limited at 1440p instead of 4K. That won't matter too much if you don't have a 4K TV, but it's something to bear in mind in terms of future-proofing (on the plus side, Microsoft says that the Xbox Series S supports 4K streaming media playback and 4K game upscaling).

Saving money on accessories and games

Xbox Series S price

(Image credit: Xbox Wire)

As we mentioned in our guide to PS5 vs Xbox Series X, backward compatibility is a big feature of next-gen. Microsoft has been banging the drum of Xbox Series X backward compatibility for some time now, and that'll presumably be the case for the Series S as well. 

It'll make a huge difference. Rather than having to buy extra controllers, accessories, or subscriptions, you'll be able to carry them over to your new console. All of your existing Xbox One peripherals and services like Game Pass are forwards compatible, allowing you to use everything from Xbox One external hard drives to Xbox One headsets on Series S. Many current-gen games are getting a free next-gen upgrade, too. It's all a handy way of offsetting the Xbox Series S price.

We'll update this page as and when deals appear for the Xbox Series S. Be sure to drop back in every now and then to stay in the loop! Don't forget to sign up for email alerts via the link below, either.

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