Xbox Series S price and bundles: all the best deals in September 2023

Xbox Series S deals
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Xbox Series S deals and bundles might just be the best way to get your hands on Starfield if you don't already play your games on an Xbox or PC. Even with a top gaming PC, there are some optimization troubles out of the gate you need to worry about. A cheap and cheerful Series S will give you more options, and you could always play on both if you need to change rooms. The Series S is often dubbed the Game Pass machine, and it's priced so accessibly that it's a tempting prospect for anyone who already owns another system and still wants to make the most of the Xbox's ecosystem.

Xbox hardware sales have been down in 2023, but that means that there are usually plenty of Series S deals and bundles you can make the most of. We've listed the best offers, categorized by region, down below. It's also worth noting that there are plenty of Xbox Series X accessories that will work just fine with Series S, and sometimes these additional extras can get lumped into the Xbox Series S price in bundles. 

Luckily, you don't really need to worry about Xbox Series X restocks these days, since hardware is a lot easier to come by in most places, but if you're struggling to find the beefier machine, a Series S will likely alleviate those issues. you're still looking at a significant saving by picking up the cheaper model. Our bargain-hunting team is always on the lookout for stock, and you'll find the latest offers here. In the same way, there still aren't that many Xbox Series X bundles, but there are plenty of Xbox Series S bundles up for grabs, as you'll see below.

Xbox Series S deals in the US

Xbox Series S | $299.99

Xbox Series S | $299.99 $271.99 at Walmart
Save $28 - Walmart isn't super clear on why this Series S model is cheaper than the MSRP by almost $50, but alongside its selection of Series S bundles, this is the cheapest way to get the digital-only console by itself and save some money.

Xbox Series S Gilded Hunter bundle $299.99 at Best Buy

Xbox Series S Gilded Hunter bundle | $299.99 at Best Buy
The Gilded Hunter bundle offers extra free add-ons for Fortnite, Fall Guys, and Rocket League. Considering the price of a console in the US is $299.99 as standard, you are getting these popular titles for no extra cost.

Xbox Series S – Fortnite & Rocket League bundle | $333.99 at Walmart

Xbox Series S – Fortnite & Rocket League bundle | $333.99 at Walmart
The Fortnite and Rocket League bundle is back in stock at Dell. While both games are free to play, this bundle does give you add-ons for both games, and with the cost of the next-gen console being $299, these are some nice free incentives.

Xbox Series S + Seagate Expansion Card $519.98

Xbox Series S + Seagate Expansion Card | $519.98 $449.98 at Best Buy
Save $70 - One of the biggest drawbacks of the Series S is its lower storage capacity, but in this deal, you get a chance to remedy that with a lumped-in Seagate expansion card. Thanks to the WD Black C50 released, the price of the Seagate Expansion Card has dropped somewhat - there's still time to make the most of that thanks to this reduced cost in the bundle.

Outside of the above deals, discounts are quite rare apart from the odd small Xbox Series S price cut popping up on the shelves during busier sales periods. You'll find all the latest offers in our price comparison chart below.

Xbox Series S deals in the UK

Xbox Series S bundles are certainly picking up more steam these days. We first saw this package offers adding to the Xbox Series S price value just before 2022's November sales, and thankfully many offers are holding steady on the shelves even today. You'll find all the latest Xbox Series S deals in the US and UK just below.

Xbox Series S | £249 at Very

Xbox Series S | £249 at Very
We're struggling to find any standalone deals for the Xbox Series S in the UK but Very has stock readily available with adds-on like FIFA 23, Xbox Game Pass, and an additional controller if interested.

Xbox Series S 1TB Black £299 at Amazon

Xbox Series S 1TB Black | £299 at Amazon
The beefed-up 1TB model of the Xbox Series S looks a million dollars, but it's only £299 at Amazon in the UK. If you want a bit more space to play with without graduating all the way up to Series X money, this is your best bet.

Xbox Series S Gilded Hunter bundle £249.99 at Argos

Xbox Series S Gilded Hunter bundle | £249.99 at Argos This Xbox Series S Gilded Hunter value bundle comes with a few extra incentives, such as nine in-game cosmetics and virtual currency across Fortnite, Rocket League, and Fall Guys. It's basically some free add-ons for the standard console price.

What is the Xbox Series S price?

The Xbox Series S price is just $299.99 in the US and £249.99 in the UK. If you're going above that, make sure you're getting some games or accessories bundled in there.

Xbox Series S accessory deals

Xbox Series S controller

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Backward compatibility is a big feature of new-gen consoles. Microsoft has been banging the drum of Xbox Series X backward compatibility for some time now, and that's the case for the Series S as well.

But what does it mean? Basically, you can use your old Xbox One accessories on your Xbox Series S. That makes a huge difference in the grand scheme of things. Rather than having to buy extra controllers, accessories, or subscriptions, you'll be able to carry them over to your new console. In fact, you can use everything from Xbox One external hard drives to Xbox One headsets on Series S.

Not only that, but the best Xbox Series X accessories are also compatible with the cheaper console, which means you'll be able to use top of the range Xbox Series X headsets. Need to stock up on some Xbox essentials? You'll find the latest Xbox Series S deals on controllers, headsets, and storage below.

How to save cash on the Xbox Series S price

Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X consoles

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Microsoft has an Xbox All Access payment plan, allowing you to pick up a next-gen console for a fixed monthly fee spread over two years.

Curiously, it doesn't just get you the console. Indeed, you're also receiving 24 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate baked into the Xbox Series S price. Because this is Xbox's version of Netflix for gaming (it provides you with well over 100 games to play, including some new releases), you're set with things to try right away. Especially when Xbox-exclusive games like Halo Infinite appear on Game Pass at no extra cost on the day of release.

As such, Xbox All Access is a sensible way of getting yourself Xbox Series S deals. Besides saving you plenty of cash in the long run, you're getting a little bit knocked off the price as well - it's a little bit cheaper than buying the console and two years of Game Pass separately even with all the Game Pass Ultimate deals available right now.

All the same, bear in mind that you won't find Xbox All Access in many stores besides Microsoft. Walmart fills that role in the US, and Game or Smyths provide it in the UK.

Is the Xbox Series S price worth it?

The Xbox Series S price is particularly cheap - but with the tech cuts from the Series X's spec sheet is that cash actually worth it? The key to answering this question lies in the feature set of the console itself. This is a digital-only console, so it's clear what Microsoft intends it to be used for - Xbox Game Pass. 

Many current-gen games offer a free next-gen upgrade, too. Although you obviously can't use the disc version thanks to Xbox Series S not coming with a disc drive, that's helpful if you own the games digitally. 

Once you take the massive roster of games available on the brand's highly popular subscription service into account, the true value of that low price point becomes even clearer. The Xbox Series S is currently the cheapest way to play current-generation games, and offers the best cash to game hour ratio out of all the consoles currently available. 

Of course, if you're after true current generation power we'd recommend switching gears to the Xbox Series X. There are some significant shortcuts in the Series S that won't satisfy those looking to experience the latest and greatest in graphics and processing power. However, for everyday players looking to explore a wealth of content, the MSRP is well worth it.

Xbox Series S vs Xbox Series X: what's the difference?

This is where things get interesting - what are the Xbox Series X vs Xbox Series S differences?

For starters, it's significantly smaller than the Xbox Series X. 60% smaller, to be precise. In addition, it doesn't have a disc drive and offers less internal memory (it runs on a custom NVME 512GB SSD powered by Xbox Velocity Architecture, which is about half the size of the Series X's 1TB SSD). It can't display games in 4K resolution either.

However, that's not your cue to panic. It's capable of DirectX ray tracing, 1440p resolution, and up to 120 frames-per-second. It also offers cool next-gen features such as variable-rate shading, ultra-low latency, and blindingly fast loading times.

In short, all this means that games will run better and faster on Xbox Series S than you'll be used to on the Xbox One X or PS4 Pro.

Xbox Series S console

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Just remember, it won't be able to match the more expensive Xbox Series X graphically - it's simply not as powerful. Games will still look great, of course, but they're limited at 1440p. That won't matter too much if you don't have a 4K TV, but it's something to bear in mind in terms of future-proofing. And hey, if you do eventually pick up a 4K TV, the Series S supports 4K streaming media playback.

Being able to ditch native 4K means that the Series S can be much, much cheaper than the X - it doesn't need all that technical grunt. And when the result is half the price, it's hard to complain all that much. Considering how many must-have games are slated for next-gen, including Fable, being able to get in on the action for less is tempting.

Xbox Series X vs Xbox Series S

Xbox Series X

  • 8-core AMD Zen 2 processor at 3.8GHz
  • 12 teraflops processing power
  • 1TB SSD
  • 16GB RAM
  • 4K resolution
  • Up to 120fps
  • 4K UHD disc drive
  • Variable refresh rate
  • DirectX raytracing
  • Dolby TrueHD with Atmos
  • HDMI 2.1
  • 15.1 x 15.1 x 30.1cm

Xbox Series S

  • 8-core AMD Zen 2 processor at 3.6GHz
  • 4 teraflops processing power
  • 512GB SSD
  • 10GB RAM
  • 1440p resolution
  • Up to 120fps
  • No disc drive
  • Variable refresh rate
  • DirectX raytracing
  • Dolby TrueHD with Atmos
  • HDMI 2.1
  • 6.5 x 15.1 x 27.5cm 

Is the Xbox Series S in stock?

At the time of writing, the Xbox Series S is well stocked across both the US and UK, with a few Xbox Series S bundles even appearing on the shelves. These offers generally indicate that supply is healthy. 

Want more power? We've also put together the best Xbox Series X deals, prices, and sales from across the web. Additionally, we've just dived into whether Xbox Game Pass is worth it in 2023 as well as the best Xbox accessories that really make the most of Microsoft's gaming machine. 

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