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Cyber Monday gaming monitor deals 2021: tips on getting stellar screens for less

Cyber Monday gaming monitor deals
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Cyber Monday gaming monitor deals are best described as an extension of what's likely to be, the better Black Friday monitor deals that stretch out over the weekend. The savings might not be quite as deep, but that doesn't mean that you can't find great deals on some of the best gaming monitors around for less; especially if something passed you by beforehand. 

There are sure to be decent discounts on not only the best cheap gaming monitors but also the best 4K monitors for gaming and best curved gaming monitors, too. If you come away from Black Friday empty-handed, definitely don't miss out when you could be creating a multi-monitor battlestation setup for less this year! 

It would be negligent of us to neglect the growing console amount of console gamers turning to monitors over TVs as well, especially when the Xbox Series X and PS5 are capable of hitting 4K60. While the best TV for Xbox Series X and PS5 is sure to satisfy many people, it's likely that a more intimate setup (like at a desk or in the bedroom) would benefit from a gaming monitor that can achieve the visuals possible of the systems.

When will the Cyber Monday gaming monitor deals start?

Cyber Monday is happening this year on Monday, November 29. However, the deals are likely to start as early as the Saturday that succeeds Black Friday, and could run as late as the Friday afterwards, as we've seen becoming increasingly more commonplace from certain online retailers when it comes to Cyber Monday monitor deals. 

Where will the best Cyber Monday gaming monitor deals be?

The best Cyber Monday monitor deals are likely to be held by the likes of Amazon and Dell, though, as we've seen happen in prior years, big-box retailers, such as Walmart and Best Buy, are very much catching up to them, with competitive deals and offers of their own. Here's what you can currently expect to find at the major online retail outlets right now. 

Amazon: All the biggest monitor brands are in stock and many are on sale
Dell: Frequent, and deep, discounts on Alienware gaming monitors
Best Buy: Small, but steady, savings on MSI, Samsung, and Lenovo panels
Walmart: Few deals right now, consistently low prices on big brands
Newegg: You can currently save up to 20% on Acer and Gigabyte monitors

Amazon: You can currently save over £100 on Asus TUF gaming monitors
Currys: Few deals available, but low prices on major gaming monitor brands
Dell: Decent discounts on Curved Dell and Alienware panels
eBuyer: Minor savings on BenQ, AOC, and LG gaming monitors right now
Very: Right now you can save up to £200 on MSI and Acer gaming displays

Cyber Monday gaming monitor deals: what to expect

If we use Amazon as an example for one of our favorite gaming monitors, the ASUS TUF Gaming VG27AQ, on Cyber Monday 2020, it reached its lowest-ever price (at the time) with a full $70 off. Now, it's discounted even further to its historically lowest rate, at $329 and that's how it's stayed throughout the majority of September. It stands to reason, therefore, that Cyber Monday 2021 could see a deeper saving on this popular 1440p gaming monitor. 

It was far from the only panel to receive a price cut around Cyber Monday last year. Samsung Odyssey G7 also reached its lowest-ever rate, listed at $599.99 down from $800 - a full $200 off! It's safe to say that it could be discounted even further this year, with huge savings more likely on the pricier models just like this. 

Cyber Monday gaming monitor deals

(Image credit: Dell)

Today's deals

Our price comparison software works day and night to bring you the best gaming monitor deals this side of Cyber Monday. 

Asus TUF Gaming VG27AQ: This 165Hz gaming monitor is one of our favorites for its IPS screen and exceptional color gamut. It also happens to be one of the more affordable QHD high refresh rate displays available right now, well worth considering on Cyber Monday. 

Samsung Odyssey G7: If you play a lot of competitive online games, but don't want to sacrifice screen quality for a high refresh rate, then the G7's 240Hz VN (Vertical Alignment) LED panel offers a great picture quality even when things are moving quickly on-screen.  

Razer Raptor: Something of an all-rounder from one the most prolific PC peripheral-makers in the industry right now. The company's commitment to quality is brought out in this QHD IPS gaming monitor; well worth considering on the day for its stellar screen and handy in-built cable management. 

Now you've got the perfect gaming monitor, ensure all your peripherals are up to par with the best gaming keyboards and best gaming mouse on the market. 

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