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Get 25% off everything in the ThinkGeek sale and 75% on clearance items

Battlestations, everyone - ThinkGeek are knocking an impressive 75% off all clearance items for today only, and that’s on top of a 25% discount on your entire purchase. Because the site stocks everything from replicas to apparel inspired by Marvel, Game of Thrones, Star Wars, and more, there’s a chance to walk away with something totally awesome for much less than normal. After digging through their website, we can also confirm that there are some real bargains to be had if you act fast. You’ll find some of our favorites listed below, but move fast - many of our picks had sold out before we even had a chance to list them here. 

Having been around since 1999, ThinkGeek know their way around collectibles, curiosities, nerdy clothing, and accessories. Their stuff isn’t cheap or tacky either, so getting it at a reduced price is greatly appreciated. However, be advised: if you live in the UK, Canada, Ireland, or Australia, you’ll have to pay a sizeable shipping fee. 

Borderlands Hand-Painted Framed Resin Masks | $59.97 (save up to 20%)
Psyched for Borderlands 3? Here’s a memento from the glory days in the form of a hand-painted Psycho/Handsome Jack mask to serve as a reminder of your adventures.View Deal

Harry Potter Boy Who Lived Low-Top Sneakers | $39.97 (save up to 20%)
Yer a sneaker, Harry! In an unlikely turn of events, the Boy Who Lived got Transfigured into a pair of shoes. Which you can now wear. Or, you know, maybe they’re just sneakers.View Deal

Borderlands Claptrap talking USB car charger | $31.97 (save up to 20%)
This squeaky-voiced ‘bot is one of the most memorable things from a memorable franchise. Now you can let him yell catchphrases at you while you drive or charge your phone.View Deal

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Hylian Shield Ladies' Knitted Poncho Wrap | $43.97 (save up to 37%)
A stylish, subtle love-letter to Zelda that lets you celebrate your fandom without shrieking about it from the rooftops. Also, it looks downright wicked.View Deal

Harry Potter House Colors Watch | $31.97 (save up to 20%)
A handsome, chunky watch that looks like it’s been sat in the Room of Requirement for a few centuries is rad in and of itself, but being able to choose your house color as well? Cool! View Deal

Game of Thrones Iron Throne replica | $59.99
Not currently on clearance but a great deal given the 25% off offer, this 7-inch replica of Westeros' hottest seat will draw eyes, envy, and perhaps incite a couple of timely power grabs. View Deal

Spider-man App-Enabled Figure | $49.99 (save up to 67%)
This adorable, app-powered Spidey figure will wow your friends when it responds to your voice and adapts itself to your personality. Normally $150, this is a ridiculous deal after the massive discounts.View Deal

Deadpool 2 vinyl LP | $16.97 (save up to 32%)
One of the best movie soundtracks in decades, you can now jam along to the hottest tracks from Deadpool 2 for less than $17.View Deal

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