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E3 2011: FFXIII-2 trailer reveals moogles, monster allies, new heroes and familiar haircuts

While the words %26ldquo;Final%26rdquo; and %26ldquo;Fantasy%26rdquo; have been atypically absent from many of the more high profile E3 press conferences, that doesn't mean Square Enix has taken a time-out from promoting its tentpole RPG series. Quite the opposite in fact: Final Fantasy XIII-2 has been playing front and center at the studio's booth ever since the big show began, and thanks to new media like this recently released E3 trailer, we now have a better idea of what changes are coming to the franchise's next numbered sequel.

Melodramatic dialogue?Unique monster designs? Rail-thin females clutching their chests in concern? The trailer hits all the standard notes for a Final Fantasy game, and then some. Highlights include the introduction of young Noel Kreiss, the return of Claire Farron (aka Lightning), hints of moogles, larger environments and monster summoning; all features which may bring disgruntled FFXIII players back into the fold.

The title is reported to take place in an alternate future, however it's futile to try and discern a FF plot this early in the game. Square Enix is offering a live demo of Final Fantasy XIII-2 at its booth, so expect more gameplay and story details to surface shortly.

June 8, 2011