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Cyber Monday gaming headset deals 2021- the audio deals will keep going this sales season

Cyber Monday gaming headset deals
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Click on the links below to jump straight to the latest prices on some of the headsets we think will be the top sellers now, but also when the Cyber Monday gaming headset deals arrive.
1. PS5 & PS4 headsets
Xbox Series X|S & Xbox One headsets
Wireless headsets
PC headsets
Switch headsets

Cyber Monday gaming headset deals will always be a good end to a blockbuster weekend of sales for those looking to upgrade their audio this year. 

And while some sets will have dropped in price because of the preceding Black Friday gaming headset deals, there might be - just maybe - a lower price or better deal available once Cyber Monday gaming headset deals kick in at the end of that long weekend. 

We'll be watching the headset deals all weekend, and for all of November, really, as retailers go earlier and earlier with discounts every year. However, if you're holding out for some of the best prices and deepest discounts then the Cyber Monday headset deals might just be the ones to aim for. We predict that some of the best offers on the best PS5 headsets and the best Xbox Series X headsets will continue on into Monday, and it'll be worth paying particular attention to any cuts on the best PS5 wireless headsets, and best Xbox Series X wireless headsets too, as this is where some of the best value can be had.

It's not all going to be console-focused though, as some of the best PC headsets for gaming and best wireless gaming headsets will all have their prices cut right down, and those looking to pair a top Nintendo Switch headset with the new OLED console should be in luck too. But whatever you play on, and whatever games float your boat, Cyber Monday gaming headset deals will be worthy of your attention. 

When will the Cyber Monday gaming headset deals start?

Cyber Monday is going to be the Monday of November the 29th this year. But given the fact that it's part of a blockbuster deals weekend that includes Black Friday too.

As we've come to witness and experience, however, lots of retailers always want to get in there first so we're seeing lots of deals dropping way earlier than the big weekend itself. And on the weekend itself, you'll usually see the same Black Friday offers turn into Cyber Monday headset deals, with price cuts just rolling on. As a result, Cyber Monday deals are really the last chance to bag a quality set at a discounted price; there's nothing after the Monday to roll into, so it's usually a cut-off point.

Where will the best Cyber Monday gaming headset deals be?

You can bet your bottom dollar that the best Black Friday gaming headset deals to be found this year will be right here on this very webpage. Keep coming back to check up on the latest as we rattle head first to the big sales period. But, we can already identify some of the big players in the headset deal game: the below retailers are ones to get familiar with and will almost certainly be the location for the biggest and best deals.

likely to roll out deals over the weekend and into Monday
Best Buy: traditionally excellent for deals on big-name brands
Walmart: reliable discounts on budget and top headsets
Newegg: PC component specialist likely to offer plenty of deals
Razer: there are always price cuts at Razer that will go into the Monday

always the best first port of call for gaming headset deals
Very: will often have some big-name deals going
Overclockers: PC specialists but also great for headsets
Ebuyer: regularly slashes the prices of gaming headsets for Cyber Monday
Currys: the big electricals retailer will have deals online and in-store
Razer: know a Razer headset is for you? Go direct and browse its sets

Cyber Monday gaming headset deals - PS5 & PS4

PlayStation Pulse 3D headset in Midnight Black

(Image credit: PlayStation)

The Cyber Monday gaming headset deals will likely continue the excellent offerings that will be on offer for PS5 and PS4 players. These are some of the best PS4 headsets and PS5 headsets and their current prices, and we'd expect to see some deals on these during Cyber Monday.

Cyber Monday gaming headset deals - Xbox Series X|S & Xbox One

Corsair HS75 XB review

(Image credit: GamesRadar / Future)

Players who are after one of the best Xbox One headsets or top Xbox Series X headsets are going to be looked after too, we think. The Cyber Monday gaming headset deals will see price cuts across the board and hopefully on some of the top headsets that we've listed here below with their current prices.

Cyber Monday gaming headset deals - Wireless

Razer BlackShark V2 Pro

(Image credit: Razer)

Cutting the cords this year? Will the Cyber Monday gaming headsets are going to be prime deal territory for wireless headsets. These sets often have a higher price tag and premium attached to them so we know that Black Friday and Cyber Monday is the time that these are fully negated by solid price cuts. Here's a bunch that we hope to see come down in price dramatically.

Cyber Monday gaming headset deals - PC

Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless XT

(Image credit: Corsair)

The below selection of PC headsets features some of our favourites of the past year or so and we expect the Cyber Monday gaming headset deals to come in, scoop them up, and give them the same low price treatment as other categories of audio givers.

Cyber Monday gaming headset deals - Nintendo Switch

HyperX Cloud Alpha review

(Image credit: Future)

The Cyber Monday gaming headset deals might just be the best time for Switch users to pick up an audio upgrade. Not blessed with the widest array of choices, the best time to pick your best set is likely to be when the prices come crashing down. For some full suggestions and advice, stop on by our guide to Nintendo Switch gaming headsets, but these are a handful that we hope to see in the deals, and are listed below with their current price.

We're also keeping early eyes on the Cyber Monday gaming chair deals and Cyber Monday laptop deals so you can get ahead of the game in those realms too. We've got a feeling Cyber Monday PS5 deals and Cyber Monday Xbox Series X deals will be ones to watch too.

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