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Angry Birds Rio will go on sale on Amazon instead of Android Market

I love my Droid, but the one thing I've always hated is the way the Android Market is organized. It makes searching for apps an unnecessarily cumbersome process and makes it difficult to actually search through the app list. Apparently I'm not the only one who feels that way, because one of the biggest mobile gaming publishers has decided to bypass the Android Market and release it only on the new app store on

"The Android platform has seen phenomenal growth, and it%26rsquo;s great that new avenues for app distribution are opening up. The openness of the Android platform works for the benefit of consumers and developers alike. It has been delightful to team up with Amazon to bring the Angry Birds franchise to this great new application marketplace," said CEO of Angry Birds publisher Rovio, Mikael Hed.

Amazon recently launched a new digital storefront for mobile app downloads, serving the needs of smartphone owners by having a centralized, searchable outlet where developers can offer their games and apps via direct download.

Angry Birds was originally released for the iPhone but managed to rocket to super stardom and is now on multiple smartphone platforms.

Angry Birds Rio is a new installment in the franchise, and gives players a more story-driven experience than previous releases. It shares its name with the upcoming animated feature film Rio, which revolves around the story of two lovestruck, exotic birds.

Rio will debut in theaters on April 15, but a release date for Angry Birds Rio has not yet been announced.

Mar 14, 2011