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In a surprise confirmation that things don't totally suck, we can watch Black is King (the new Beyonce album) right now. It's not in stores or on Spotify, though. Because it's the artist's third 'visual album', you can stream Black is King exclusively on the Disney Plus streaming service. Seeing as it's inspired by the Lion King: The Gift soundtrack, it makes sense for the movie to appear on Disney's streaming service.

That means you'll need a Disney Plus membership to watch Black is King online. Don't worry, though. Most regions offer a monthly subscription for less than a month of Netflix, so it's not too much of a stretch if you only want to stream Black is King online before cancelling your subscription. As a result, you can be tuning in to the new the Beyonce album before you know it.

Based on The Lion King remake and The Gift soundtrack that accompanied it, Black is King "reimagines the lessons from the 2019 blockbuster for today’s young kings and queens in search of their own crowns". It's also the latest of Beyonce's visual albums, putting a story to her music and serving as a cinematic representation of its themes. Besides writing, directing, and appearing in the project herself, Beyonce is joined by a host of familiar faces including Lupita Nyong’o, Jay-Z, and Naomi Campbell. 

It's a big addition to an already impressive lineup on Disney Plus. For example, you can now stream Hamilton there, and being able to watch Black is King via the streaming service gives it another feather in its cap. Considering the fact that it features everything from The Simpsons to Star Wars and the Marvel Cinematic Universe as well (including the ability to watch WandaVision), that's quite the library.

Ready to get signed up? You'll find everything you need to know on how to watch Black is King below, not to mention the best Disney Plus sign-up deals.

Watch Black is King - US

Disney Plus | $7.99 per month

Disney Plus | $7.99 per month
Looking to watch Black is King in the US? This is the only way to do it - you need to sign up for Disney Plus. Luckily, it's not all that expensive. The cheapest deal going is a standard month for just $7.99, offering hundreds of hours of movies, documentaries, and TV for your money. It's also easy to cancel if you just want to stream Black is King online and leave. Think you might stick around? There's a great bundle that gets you Disney Plus, Hulu, and ESPN Plus for $13.99 per month. That's our favorite offer so far, and it's easily the best Disney Plus bundle around.

Watch Black is King - Canada

Disney Plus |  $11.99 per month

Disney Plus | $11.99 per month
Keen to watch Black is King online in Canada? We've got good news - all you need to do is sign up for Disney Plus. The movie, along with a whole load of other binge-worthy material, is available there for $9.99 a month (considering the lack of a Disney Plus free trial, that's  the best we can hope for right now). Because there's no long-term contract with Disney Plus either, it's easy to cancel before your month is up. That means you can leave once you've watched the visual album and had your fill of everything else Disney has to offer. Hamilton, anyone?

Watch Black is King - UK

Disney Plus | £7.99 per month

Disney Plus | £7.99 per month
Thankfully, you can watch Black is King online via Disney Plus UK. Because a single month is fairly cheap at £7.99, it's easy to sign up, stream Black is King online, and cancel before the membership rolls over. You'll have plenty of other things to binge once you're done with Black is King, too - trust us. Disney Plus is armed with everything from Star Wars and Marvel to Pixar flicks, which makes it a Disney Plus gift card a good shout if you're running short of present ideas.

Watch Black is King - Australia

Disney Plus |  $11.99 per month

Disney Plus | $11.99 per month
Hunting for Black is King in Australia? Fear not, it's on Disney Plus as of July 31 2020. We'd recommend picking up a single month's subscription for $11.99 ($12.99 in New Zealand) and seeing how you go - it's easy to cancel if you don't fancy maintaining the membership. Just remember, there's plenty of things worth keeping an eye out for on Disney Plus. The Mandalorian's third season is in the works, an Obi-Wan show is coming, and a Loki series with Tom Hiddleston isn't all that far behind.

Watch Black is King - India

Disney Plus with Hotstar (Premium) | ₹299 per month

Disney Plus with Hotstar (Premium) | ₹299 per month / ₹1499 a year
Eager to watch Black is King? You can stream the visual album with Disney Plus Hotstar bundles. It's not overly expensive, and it's good value too. As well as Disney Plus access on the Premium tier, you get multiplex and new Indian movies to go with Hotstar specials, no ads, and Full HD streaming with Dolby 5.1 audio. Pick up the annual option and it's even better - you're saving a tremendous ₹2088 a year compared to paying the ₹299 monthly fees.

Other regions

Watch Disney Plus in your area

Watch Disney Plus in your area
If you have Disney Plus in your region, we've got a nice surprise for you - you should be able to stream Black is King there. From what we can tell, it's due to arrive anywhere with Disney Plus. Unable to sign up because Disney Plus isn't available in your region? Fear not. Although Disney Plus release dates for the rest of the world are staggered, Disney has promised a rollout in most areas within the next year or so. In other words, you'll be getting your fill of Black is King - as well as everything else the service has to offer, for that matter - in no time.

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