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How to watch The Greatest Showman online and on TV around the world

watch The Greatest Showman
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Having quickly become a fan-favorite after launching in 2017, knowing how to watch The Greatest Showman is likely to be on a few peoples' minds. Unfortunately, it's not always easy to find on streaming services. Unless you're in the US, Canada, or Australia, that is - if you are, you can stream The Greatest Showman on Disney Plus.

If you live in any of those regions, all you need to watch The Greatest Showman online is a Disney Plus sign-up. The musical can be found on the House of Mouse's streaming service, allowing you to stream The Greatest Showman as often as you like.

Sadly, the UK won't be enjoying the same luxury. You can't stream The Greatest Showman over there at all, and must instead buy or rent it. Boo!

Inspired by the tale of real-life businessman P.T. Barnum in the 1800s, The Greatest Showman is a musical that celebrates "the birth of show business". After rising to fame from nothing, Barnum - portrayed here by Hugh Jackman - goes on a mission to create an almighty spectacle like none the world has ever seen. Starring Zendaya, Zac Efron, and plenty of other recognizable faces, it's a feel-good film that aims to pull at your heartstrings.

Not that you'll only want to watch The Greatest Showman if you have a Disney Plus subscription, of course. You can also scratch that musical itch further and stream Hamilton (the hit Broadway show) or stream Black is King, the Beyonce visual album, via the service right now.

Ready? We've got all the details on how to watch The Greatest Showman below.

Watch The Greatest Showman - US

Disney Plus | $6.99 per month
Want to stream The Greatest Showman in the USA? No problem: all you need is a Disney Plus membership. The cheapest deal right now is a standard month for $6.99. This provides you with everything the streaming service has to offer, and it's easy to cancel if you just want to watch The Greatest Showman and leave.

Think you might want to stick around? There's also a bundle that gets you Disney Plus, Hulu, and ESPN Plus for $12.99 per month. That's our favorite offer so far, and comfortably the best Disney Plus bundle we've seen to date.View Deal

Watch The Greatest Showman - Canada

Disney Plus | $9.99 per month
Keen to watch The Greatest Showman online in Canada? Easy, and the same applies here: just grab a Disney Plus subscription. The musical is available on the streaming service right now, along with hundreds of hours of TV shows, movies, and documentaries. We'd recommend grabbing a single month and seeing how you go.

Because there's no binding, long-term contract, it's easy to cancel as well. That means you can leave if you just want to stream The Greatest Showman, and / or have had your fill of everything else Disney's got to offer.View Deal

Watch The Greatest Showman - UK

Not currently available to stream
Bad news, everyone - you can't stream The Greatest Showman in the UK. Instead, you'll need to either buy it digitally and physically or  rent it via the likes of Amazon from £3.49 (for the HD version).

We suspect it'll eventually wind up on Disney Plus, and rights issues are likely causing problems. When / if it does finally arrive, the UK Disney Plus membership is pretty good value - it's only £5.99 per month.

Watch The Greatest Showman - Australia

Disney Plus (monthly) | $8.99 per month
Want to stream The Greatest Showman in Australia? You need Disney Plus. A normal month of Disney Plus is available for only $8.99 in Australia, and it's currently $9.99 in New Zealand. 

If you don't want to watch The Greatest Showman via Disney Plus (perhaps because you don't want to sign up to the streaming service), you'll have to buy it physically or digitally, or rent it via services like Google Play for $4.99.View Deal

Stream The Greatest Showman online everywhere else

Can you watch The Greatest Showman elsewhere? Yes, but as with the UK, it's a little tricky to find the movie on a streaming service. You'll probably need to head to the likes of the Google store or Amazon to rent / buy it.

If that's not your bag and you still want to watch something heartwarming, we'd recommend picking up Disney Plus in your area. It may not allow you to stream The Greatest Showman, but it does have the equally-excellent Broadway musical Hamilton.

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