Resident Evil: Revelations 2 Episodes 1-4 Collectibles Guide

Episode 3: Judgement - Claire and Moira (part 5)

Military Box #7

Enter the sewers and press on until the path splits. Continue forward through the large tunnel that's a dead end.

Climb out of the water and head around to the left of the room to find the box on a ledge.

Kafka Drawing #5

Get back on track and follow the path further in.

In the next open area, turn right and head under the water pouring from the burst pipe.

The drawing is on the wall just beyond.

Military Box #8

The path through the sewer will eventually lead to an area with platforms on either side.

Climb onto the catwalk beneath the ledge to the right and give Moira a boost.

The last Military Box of the episode is up here.

Tower Emblem #6

From the ledge Moira found the last Military Box on, turn around and look over to the alcove opposite. You'll be able to see the Tower Emblem behind some crates up there.

Switch to Claire and you'll be able to shoot it.

Tower Emblem #7

The last Tower Emblem can be found in the catacomb.

Head to the right and across the small bridge.

The emblem is underneath the bridge.

Kafka Drawing #6

Go past the bloody monument and into the corridor beyond.

The drawing is on the wall to the left.

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