Resident Evil: Revelations 2 Episodes 1-4 Collectibles Guide

Episode 1: Penal Colonly - Barry and Natalia

Barry Burton is down a daughter, but up one spooky little kid, so I guess it balances out. And unlike Claire's companion, Natalia contributes significantly to the preservation of the pair's lives by using her mutant-sensing power to scope out the presence of enemies as well as the hidey-holes of bugs. Because that's important too.

Tower Emblem #5

After watching Barry arrive at the dock, follow the path along the cliff to pop out by some stairs.

Turn right and head towards the crates blocking the double doors.

The Tower Emblem is hidden just behind them.

Tower Emblem #6

Press on until you reach a wide corridor where Natalia's abilities will be introduced.

She'll scope out the room to the right, revealing a number of mutants milling around in there. Stealth kill the first one and head inside.

Head around to the right and take out the handful of mutants aimlessly shuffling about by the shelving units.

Approach the blue door and look to the right to find the Tower Emblem.

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