Resident Evil: Revelations 2 Episodes 1-4 Collectibles Guide

Episode 2: Contemplation - Claire and Moira (part 5)

Kafka Drawing #5

From the creepy operating room where you faced the exploding mutant, head up the staircase on the right side of the room.

As you enter the room, another exploding mutant will be waiting for you, so stay in the stairwell and take him out before you proceed.

The Kafka Drawing is on the wall to the right.

Tower Emblem #4

Once you find your way through the security gate, you'll be back outside.

Head down the stairs in front of you, then take a look at the area underneath.

You'll spot the emblem behind the fence, so whip out your pistol and destroy it.

Gimmick Box

Soon enough, you'll spot Natalia again, follow her into another building, and you'll end up in the corridor above.

To the left is a short corridor.

Have Moira use her crowbar on the left door with the boards nailed over it, so that Barry and Natalia can gain access to the Gimmick box here later.

Tower Emblem #5

Back in the main corridor, the only path available will take you a lift. Call it and get your gun ready - it isn't empty.

The lift will take you up to a room with a gaping hole in the wall.

Take a gander outside and you'll see the last Tower Emblem sitting on top of a shipping container. Shoot it and move on out.

Kafka Drawing #6

When you finally catch up to Natalia, the three of you will find yourselves in a room with a couple of desks and a workbench.

You're moments away from a boss fight, so make any preparations you need to, then head into the corridor beyond.

The last drawing is on the sloped ceiling, above the stairs.

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