Resident Evil: Revelations 2 Episodes 1-4 Collectibles Guide

Episode 3: Judgement - Claire and Moira (part 3)

Kafka Drawing #3

After picking up the artificial eyeball, head outside and through the door at the end of this area.

Thanks to Moira, we now know that this corridor smells as bad as it looks. Go on through and into the main building.

Enter the yellow double doors to the left.

The drawing is on the wall to the right.

Military Box #3

Head to the back of the building - either via the animal pens, or through the corridor in the main room - and down the steps.

Head around to the left, and be cautious, because a mutant of the big, sweaty variety with his own portable cannon will enter from the back right.

Take him down, utilising the red barrel and fire extinguisher if necessary, then enter the area at the back of this room, behind the bars.

The Military Box is against the wall here.

Tower Emblem #3

After opening the last Military Box, turn left and head towards the door with planks nailed across it.

Take a peek into the blue bin to the left of the door to find the Tower Emblem.

Military Box #4

Your travels to find the Slaughterhouse key will eventually lead you to this room.

Flying in the face of all logic, there will only be one opportunity to get to this box and open it. Once you pick up the key from one of the death machines, they'll all spring to life and you'll be trapped in the room. Only then will you be able to give Moira a boost up to this ledge.

You may want to ignore the crate, and the loot in the corner on the first part of the catwalk, to save time.

The box is at the end of the second catwalk. Get it open, then hop down and open the gate for Claire. It's worth noting that the AI gets really stupid here, so switch to Claire and guide her through the gate, or there won't even be enough of her left for a sandwich.

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