Resident Evil: Revelations 2 Episodes 1-4 Collectibles Guide

Episode 3: Judgement - Barry and Natalia

Once again, Barry and Natalia will be crossing paths - albeit briefly - with Claire and Moira's trail through the episode, so we won't be mentioning any Tower Emblems picked up during their half of the campaign. There's a pretty tough boss at the end of episode, so it's worth using smoke screen bottles and fire extinguishers whenever possible to sneak past groups of enemies and conserve ammo.

Insect Larvae #1

Make your way through the sewers and head up the staircase at the other end.

Head over to the platform across from where you entered this new area to find a brick, then double back to beneath the broken set of stairs.

The larvae is just underneath.

Gimmick Box #1

In the next area, scoot on down the stairs and head left.

The Gimmick Box is just through the tunnel ahead.

Tower Emblem #8

The Tower Emblem is in the same alcove as the last Gimmick Box. Switch to Barry and shoot it.

Insect Larvae #2

Continue to follow the path out of the sewer until you reach the area with a couple of pipes along the right wall.

The larvae is inside the pipe on the right, so grab a brick and climb onto the platform opposite. You should be able to toss it inside from here.

Insect Larvae #3

When you reach the first sluice gate (number four), climb down the ladder, and into the area below.

The Insect Larvae is to the left, behind the bars. You can throw a brick between them to hit the bug.

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