Resident Evil: Revelations 2 Episodes 1-4 Collectibles Guide

Episode 1: Penal Colony - Claire and Moira

Claire gets the short straw again, stuck with babysitting an apathetic twenty-something who fails to react appropriately to horrific situations, refuses to use a firearm and dresses like a character model from Infamous that was rejected on the grounds of looking too douchey - and that's saying something. The crazed mutants are just part of another day on the job.

Tower Emblem #1

Shortly after teaming up with Moira, your objective will be to find the Experimental Block key, and you'll find yourself descending a staircase with what looks to be a very unfortunate security guard dangling down next to it.

As you approach him to take the keys from his belt, look over to the right to spot the first Tower Emblem. Take aim, shoot, and that's your first one in the bag.

Kafka Drawing #1

Nothing ever goes smoothly, does it? Follow the path around to reach the area where the guard's body landed.

Once you pick up the key, you'll be set upon by a number of mutants. Moira and her ever-so-useful flashlight will contribute to the fray by climbing up the ladder and watching. As Claire, you'll need to take out the mutants, then switch to Moira once the coast is clear and haul her yellow-bellied butt back down the ladder and through the newly opened door that framed a blood-thirsty mutant only moments ago.

Scan the wall in the corner with the flashlight to find the drawing. Remember to use the focus button and wait for the pop-up to confirm that you found it, because just training the light on it doesn't count.

Kafka Drawing #2

Eventually you'll enter a room that will prompt a conversation between the two women that covers Moira's reluctance to brandish a gun, hoisting the burden of both their lives onto Claire's shoulders, because it's not as if her life has been fraught with trauma enough up until this point. Moira will need to rummage around the shelving in the corner to find her weapon of choice.

Once you have the crowbar, turn to the right and flash the torch over the wall to find the next drawing.

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