Resident Evil: Revelations 2 Episodes 1-4 Collectibles Guide

Episode 3: Judgement - Barry and Natalia (part 2)

Tower Emblem #9

Once Natalia cranks open sluice gate number two, head through and turn left.

The emblem is on the wall.

Gimmick Box #2

After opening sluice gate number two, head up the steps and take a detour across the catwalk to the left.

Have Barry shoot the barricade so Natalia can get across. There are a couple of mutants on the other side, so lure them to their feet and get Barry to take them out.

The box is just at the bottom of the steps to the right, at the other end of the catwalk.

Gimmick Box #3

After she opens the last numbered gate, Natalia needs to traverse the various girders in her path and head on down the ladder at the other end.

Open the last gate for Barry, then head down into area he just came from.

The Gimmick Box is in the middle of this area.

Gimmick Box #4

Very shortly, you'll reach an area with a couple of ladders separated by a pile of rubble.

Head up the ladder to the right to find the next box.

Insect Larvae #4

Back on the platform below, head up the ladder to the left - but before you do so, you'll need to take one of the bricks lying around, and lob it up to the top of the ladder.

Pick up the brick you threw up here, and smoosh the bug on the big chunk of rubble.

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