Resident Evil: Revelations 2 Episodes 1-4 Collectibles Guide

Episode 2: Contemplation - Claire and Moira (part 3)

Military Box #4

Follow Gabe to the helicopter.

The Military Box is just behind the nose.

Kafka Drawing #2

After following Gabe to the helicopter, make your way to the opposite side to where he's standing.

Shine the flashlight on the tail to reveal the drawing.

When you hand over the fuel and battery to Gabe, things are going to go wrong - fast. If you want to collect all of Insect Larvae in Barry and Natalia's half of the campaign, you're going to have to defeat mutant Pedro so that Barry can pick up the drill when he's going through the fishing village later.

The quickest way is to smatter him with explosives and use the tables in the room as a barrier between you at all times while you rain bullets down onto him. Regular mutants will also be entering the building so Decoy Bottles will come in handy to mop them up.

Kafka Drawing #3

After you leave the fishing village, follow Fisher through the tunnel.

Head up the incline and around to the right.

The Kafka Drawing is on the wall here, behind the barrels.

Tower Emblem #3

Immediately after exiting the tunnel, turn to the left.

The emblem is in the centre window of the block of flats.

You can shoot it down with your pistol.

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