Resident Evil: Revelations 2 Episodes 1-4 Collectibles Guide

Episode 4: Metamorphosis - Claire and Moira (part 2)

Kafka Drawing #4

After your confrontation with Alex, it's time to scarper. When you enter the area with the workbench to the left, upgrade what you need to, then head along the right walkway.

The Kafka Drawing is on the wall to the right.

Military Box #1

Cross to the other side of the area with the workbench and either have Claire shoot the locks off the gate barring the way, or smash them to bits with Moira's crowbar.

The Military Box is just beyond, in the corner to the right.

Kafka Drawing #5

As soon as you reach the outside area of the tower, shine the torch on the wall opposite to find the drawing.

Tower Emblem #2

Jump down to the level below the door, and head around to look underneath. The Tower Emblem is stuck to the underside of the first ramp.

Military Box #2

You'll spot the next box as the ladies edge along the first of the precarious ledges out here.

When you reach the other side, carefully shuffle off the ledge, because these girls just love to plummet to their deaths if you get too enthusiastic.

Having successfully avoided dying, you can now open the last Military Box of the episode. But be quick about it - you're against the clock after all.

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