Resident Evil: Revelations 2 Episodes 1-4 Collectibles Guide

Episode 3: Judgement - Claire and Moira (part 2)

Kafka Drawing #2

Once the Overseer unlocks the door to the left, opposite the statue, head through.

Go to the right and up the stairs.

On the next floor, follow the corridor around to the right and through the door ahead.

You're now in the toilets. Be wary of any mutants lurking in cubicles, and head to the third one from the left.

You'll find the drawing on the wall behind the loo.

Military Box #2

After you retrieve the Processing Plant key from this room (by picking up the glass eye, waiting for the ceiling to break the key loose, and then replacing it pronto), head back out into the corridor.

Deal with the ambush, then take the corridor to the left to find that the locked blue door is now open.

The Military Box is in this room.

Tower Emblem #2

With the Processing Plant key in hand, you can open the locked door on the floor below.

Head down the stairs, but before you head out into the main room, keep to the left and position Claire so that she can aim behind the flag.

The emblem is just behind it, and you can shoot it down from here.

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