Resident Evil: Revelations 2 Episodes 1-4 Collectibles Guide

Episode 4: Metamorphosis - Barry and Natalia (part 4)

Insect Larvae #4

Back in the main room, head through the larger of the two open gates (the smaller one leads to a mutant and a gem stone).

Barry gets another workout in, by pushing a second cart out of the way. There's a Revenant on the other side, so toss a firebomb in beforehand to take care of it.

Now you can stand in the entrance of the newly opened tunnel, look over at the wall behind the cart to find the larvae.

Tower Emblem #7

Once the ventilation system has been turned on and you've found the key to activate the lift, ride it down to the level below.

Step out of the lift and immediately look up to spot the next emblem.

Tower Emblem #8

Once you're in the mansion, following the path to the left will lead you to a corridor with a locked door that requires a key. Continue through the door ahead instead, and head down the stairs.

The Tower Emblem is behind the crates, underneath the staircase.

Insect Larvae #5

Soon you'll pop out into a room peppered with Revenant hanging out in giant tubes. You should probably kill them while you have the opportunity to do so at your leisure.

The larvae is on the top of the middle tube in the back row.

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