Resident Evil: Revelations 2 Episodes 1-4 Collectibles Guide

Episode 4: Metamorphosis - Barry and Natalia (part 5)

Gimmick Box #4

Exit the room full of Revenant jars via the doorway on the left.

Go down the stairs and through the door at the bottom.

In the next room, go through the door at the end, disposing of the Revenant in here in whatever way you see fit.

When the coast is clear, head inside to find the Gimmick Box.

Gimmick Box #5

Once you have the Emblem key, make your way back to the dining room (the corridor to the right, as you enter the mansion), and use it to open the door in here.

There's a small desk in the corner of the next room.

The last Gimmick Box is on the floor behind it.

Tower Emblem #9

After you find the level 2 key card, go ahead and enter this area.

Make your way to the right as you enter, and move around to the other side of the big yellow bin.

Look through the grating on the floor here to find the Tower Emblem.

Insect Larvae #6

As you near the end of the episode, you'll find Lotti's dismembered body.

Try to keep it together after witnessing the most grisly of all murders thus far, and head to the area to the right.

The last larvae is to the left of the workbench, on the decapitated statue head.

Tower Emblem #10

The last emblem is a tricksy bugger - made all the more so because screen capture is blocked. But with the power of words alone, I can instruct you on how to find it. In the sniper segment of the boss fight, wait until you're controlling the character in the helicopter. The emblem is affixed to a slab of concrete at the very top of the cliffs. You'll need to wait until the chopper swings around so that the mountainside is to your right, then take your shot.

And that's it! Get ready for a big ol' boss fight and more twists than a giant pretzel as you go to meet your fate. And then start over for your second run through to pick up the last of the collectibles. I know. It sucks.

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