Resident Evil: Revelations 2 Episodes 1-4 Collectibles Guide

Episode 4: Metamorphosis - Barry and Natalia

Back in Claire and Moira's half of the episode, we flagged up the console that controlled the sluice gates in this half. You'll need to go through the whole episode twice to get all Gimmick Boxes and Insect Larvae, as the flow of water blocks off access to one box and one bug. We'll cover both routes below.

Tower Emblem #4

Head up on to the bridge by the sluice gates.

Whip out Barry's rifle and aim toward the spotlight.

The Tower Emblem is just above the light.

Insect Larvae #1 (route 1)

If you chose to pull the lever to change the flow of water in Claire and Moira's campaign, the left sluice will be closed, and you can head across to the platform opposite. You may need to toss a brick up there for good measure.

Go up the steps towards the breakable boxes.

The Insect Larvae is on the pipe behind them.

Gimmick Box #1 (route 1)

This path will take you through a small building.

There's a hole that Natalia can squeeze through, although there's a mutant on the other side so beware.

The Gimmick Box is in the next room.

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