Resident Evil: Revelations 2 Episodes 1-4 Collectibles Guide

Episode 1: Penal Colony - Barry and Natalia (part 3) 

Insect Larvae #3

The next segment requires Natalia to enter the last cell on the right, squeeze through a hole in the wall, and drop down to a corridor below.

If you didn't bring a brick with you, run a little way ahead to find one, then return to the spot where you dropped down into the area.

The Insect Larvae is on the wall.

Insect Larvae #4

After Barry and Natalia escape the prison, they'll reach the bridge that Moira smashed up and will have to take the route to the left, through the doors that Natalia will open for Barry by crawling through another handy hole.

Enter the wooded area ahead, sticking to the left side of the map.

A short way ahead, you'll come across a stone structure with a tree next to it.

The Insect Larvae is on the tree.

Tower Emblem #7

Before long, Barry and Natalia will be making their way through a misty forest, avoiding mutants and following a path set by spotlights.

Continue through the forest until you reach a small open area lit by a suspended spotlight.

Head to the other side of the collection of crates and barrels here.

The Tower Emblem is on the ground behind them.

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