Resident Evil: Revelations 2 Episodes 1-4 Collectibles Guide

Episode 2: Contemplation - Barry and Natalia (part 2)

Tower Emblem #7

After you go through the blue door at the top of the hill to search for the back gate key, head to the right.

Move along the side of the house, towards the rocks.

The Tower Emblem is perched on a rock to the right.

Gimmick Box #2

At the far end of this area, you'll find a crate next to a house with a broken ladder against it. Move it to the side of the house so that you can climb up.

Head across the planks to the other house.

Climb down to find the back gate key and the Gimmick Box, as well as a fancy new gun.

Gimmick Box #3

Once you open the back gate, you'll be back in the fishing village where Claire and Moira started the episode. Make your way to the blue house where you found the Tower Emblem on the chimney during their run through here.

Natalia can crawl through the hole in the side of the building and open the door for Barry.

The Gimmick Box is inside the house.

Insect Larvae #2

Head to the building that Pedro opened up for Claire and Moira, before he Hulked out.

Go on through and into the back room, where you found the fuel for helicopter the first time around.

The Insect Larvae is underneath the shelves.

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