Resident Evil: Revelations 2 Episodes 1-4 Collectibles Guide

Episode 1: Penal Colony - Claire and Moira (part 3) 

Kafka Drawing #3

On your journey to restore the power, you'll enter a room containing mutants and some filthy-looking sinks.

Head around to the corridor leading to the right and prepare for a rather overeager assailant to come crashing through the window here.

With the mutants dispatched, enter the room to the right.

The drawing is on the back wall, beyond the bookshelves.

Military Box #2

This is in the same room as the third Kafka Drawing. Look to the left of the shelf with the open book on it to find the Military Box.

Kafka Drawing #4

Claire and Moira will split up for a second time as they near their objective. Moira will enter a small area with a locked door to the right.

Flip the switch to turn the power back on and get out of the way of the now active death machine here. Moira will need to deal with the mutant that has decided to take this moment to burst out of the previously locked door.

Clobber him with your crowbar or lure him into the path of the whirring blades, then enter the room he was lurking in.

The Kafka Drawing is on the wall to the left.

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