Resident Evil: Revelations 2 Episodes 1-4 Collectibles Guide

Episode 2: Contemplation - Barry and Natalia (part 3)

Gimmick Box #4

Swing by the Wossek building and pop up the stairs to the left.

The Gimmick Box is at the end of the walkway up here.

Get the drill

Providing you killed mutant Pedro in Claire and Moira's half of the campaign, you can pick up his drill from inside the Wossek building. You'll need it in order to get all of the Insect Larvae in this episode.

Insect Larvae #3

Leave the fishing village via the blue gate.

You can grab a brick from beyond the opening in the wall, but come back to this point once you've picked it up.

Turn to the small clearing to the right.

The bug is on the wall.

Insect Larvae #4

When you reach the area where Fisher and the others got separated, your path will take you through the gate, rather than up to the platform that Claire and Moira were able to climb to. This leads to the first apartment block.

Head to the top floor to find a blocked doorway that won't pose as a problem, as long as you picked up the drill left in the fishing village, after we killed Pedro with Claire and Moira.

Have Barry use the drill to break through the door. The larvae is on the wall, to the left of the entrance.

Gimmick Box #5

After you smash the Insect Larvae in the walled-off room, continue further in and you'll spot a hole in the wall. From here, you can jump down to the balcony of an apartment opposite.

Head inside to find a Gimmick Box.

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