Resident Evil: Revelations 2 Episodes 1-4 Collectibles Guide

Episode 3: Judgement - Claire and Moira

Things really ramp up for the ladies in this episode, so expect a lot of tough enemies and a handful of puzzles thrown in for good measure. If you can hightail it from a fight, do it. Don't be a hero - you're going to need that ammo for the final boss fight.

Kafka Drawing #1

You'll start the episode at the base of the tower, so turn around and head down to the road.

Follow the road to the large shutter that leads toward the factory.

Shine the flashlight on the wall to the right to find the drawing.

Tower Emblem #1

Very soon, Claire and Moira will pass through a blue door to a new area that will immediately get locked down after they enter.

Pop over to the left.

The Tower Emblem is stuck onto the side of the building here.

Military Box #1

Proceed into the next open area.

Go straight on to the door at the end, with the retinal scanner outside.

The box is on the ground to the left.

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