MGS Portable Ops NOT on sale today

Friday4 May 2007
The accidental omission of the BBFC stamp from the Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops UMD has meant that the PSP exclusive game won't be going on sale today as originally planned and that retailers have had to return all their copies of the game.

We spoke to a representative from high street retailer Game to find out when Portable Ops will be available, but we were told that no new release date has been set. At the time of writing we had been unable to contact Konami for a comment.

As one of the few must-have titles for Sony's handheld this almighty cock up will come as a blow for PSP owners eager to get their hands on Solid Snake's first true portable outing (forget the card-based strategy shenanigans of Metal Gear Acid, Portable Ops is proper Metal Gear).

In the meantime, you might as well check out ourreview of the game to get an idea of what you can't buy today. Bummer.