Level-5 assembling Gundam AGE RPG

Rumors of Level-5's involvement in a Gundam AGE game surfaced in last week's edition of the Japanese manga magazine CoroCoro Comic, but remained unconfirmed up until today when Level-5 CEO Akihiro Hino appeared on stage at the Gundam AGE press conference in Japan to pledge the studio's allegiance toNamco'sspin-off mechfranchise. Hino also confirmed he will personally be taking up a bulk of the writing and plotting for the series in whole,which is slated to get the full transmedia treatment in manga, anime, toy lines and other games.

Level-5''s Gundam AGE RPG has not beenpinned down to any one region, system or release date. This means there's a chance western Gundam fans might still see the title on retail shelves outside of Japan, or at least have some time to save up for the hefty importing costs.


Jun 13, 2011

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