Fortnite Camp Cod location: Where to stoke campfires at Camp Cod

The Fortnite Camp Cod location is an interesting one, as it's a little self-contained area featuring a house, a small farm, some sort of training area, and a lot more. There are also a number of Fortnite Camp Cod campfires that need a stoke, should you want to tick off that particular entry in the Fortnite Week 9 challenges (opens in new tab). If you've not used these health-boosting blazes before then you may not even know you can stoke them to keep their effects going for longer in Fortnite (opens in new tab), so we're here to show you where to find all of the Fortnite Camp Cod campfires and explain how to stoke them or even rebuild them if necessary.

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Fortnite Camp Cod location

(Image credit: Epic Games)

If you haven't been there before, Fortnite Camp Cod is found in the southeast corner of the map, on its own little island off the coast in grid G8. Thanks to the widespread flooding, Camp Cod has been underwater for much of the current season, though it has now emerged from the depths once again.

Fortnite Camp Cod campfires locations

(Image credit: Epic Games)

There are three Fortnite Camp Cod campfires in total, and they can be found in the following locations:

  • In the middle of the island, by a bright yellow parasol
  • To the east side of the island, by some broken shelves
  • In the northeast corner of the island, on the dock

You need to stoke three campfires at Camp Cod, which means you can do this in one match if you visit them all. The challenge doesn't state three different campfires, meaning you should be able to return and stoke the same one in separate matches, though they're all so close that this shouldn't really need to be a consideration.

Fortnite Camp Cod campfires stoke

(Image credit: Epic Games)

To stoke the Fortnite Camp Cod campfires, you need to approach and follow the prompt to Light it, then the next prompt to Stoke it at a cost of 30 wood – this means you'll need a minimum of 90 wood to stoke all three in the same match. If another player has already used the campfire then you can rebuild it, but this will cost you 300 wood plus an additional 30 to then stoke it. Thankfully there are plenty of trees growing at Fortnite Camp Cod, so there shouldn't be a problem finding the required materials to complete this challenge.

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