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Check out 9 minutes of Adrift gameplay & see how many times you hold your breath

If you're the kind of person that has to hold your breath when people go underwater in movies then welcome to hell. Adrift's Gravity-like set up has you scouring a crashed space station in search of oxygen, constantly pushed on by the sound of someone slowly gasping for air. It is not pleasant, and I'd imagine it's going to be even worse on PlayStation VR.

The action centres on an amnesiac astronaut with a leaky suit as they try to find out what happened to the destroyed space station and work out how to get home. There's talk of being able to repair the suit, and by the looks of the O2 meter in the footage oxygen is partially reclaimed, just badly - presumably that's something you can repair and upgrade because if the whole thing runs on the time limits displayed here it's going to be a complete pain in the ass to do anything. Also, I'm not calling 'Adr1ft', I'm just not.

Here's the gameplay, it's currently targeting a launch sometime around the start of next year.

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