Free Far Cry 6 update adds new game plus and collectible trackers ahead of unhinged alien DLC

Far Cry 6
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Far Cry 6 is in for a big couple of weeks, with a major free update adding a long-requested feature ahead of the December 6 launch of a brand new alien-themed DLC.

Title update 6 dropped today as a chunky download between 15GB and 40GB, depending on your platform. The big addition is new game plus, which will let you start over while retaining most of your weapons and equipment for a new playthrough. There's also a new bit of "completionist aid" UI on the world map, which will helpfully track which collectibles and activities you're missing in a given region.

On December 6, the Lost Between Worlds expansion will launch, and reading this pack's description felt like somebody was playing a game of bullshit with me. A meteorite crashes in Yara, and you team up with a noncorporeal, presumably alien lifeform to fix up the dimensional rifts that are exploding out as a result. Check out the trailer below for a bit of set-up.

Far Cry DLC going fully unhinged is almost predictable at this point, but Lost Between Worlds seems to be going above and beyond. The expansion ("starting at €19.99" and included in the GOTY edition) will feature 15 Rift trials – distinct levels that'll have you doing platforming and combat challenges against crystalline enemies. You'll also get supernatural weapons that you can then take back into the main game.

If you want to try Far Cry 6 for yourself with all this new stuff coming out, a free trial is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X and S.

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