Far Cry 6's Lost Between Worlds expansion reveal stream announced

Far Cry 6
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Ubisoft will be revealing exactly what's coming to Far Cry 6's upcoming expansion, Lost Between Worlds, next week.

A 12-second teaser shared across Ubisoft's social media channels doesn't give away much, no, but the good news is that by 10 am PT / 7 pm CET on Tuesday, November 29, we'll finally be put out of our misery courtesy of a revelatory Twitch livestream

According to Insider Gamer's sources - which accurately reported that we'd be getting more information about the mysterious expansion "soon" - screenshots from the expansion include "a character standing around crystals in front of a large multiverse-like shattering portal" (thanks, Gaming Bolt). 

Reportedly, the portals show "different locations from Far Cry 6", rumors of which have been backed up by details of the expansion's new achievements/trophies and, of course, Ubisoft's most recent teaser, which you can see below:

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What's that? You want more information? Well, I guess you'll have to keep our eyes and ears open next week, eh? Roll on 29 November...

Did you see that a new edition of Far Cry 6 has been revealed with a $119.99/£99.99 price tag? 

Stealth-launching the new edition of the game last month, the re-release of the 2021 action game is available on both new-gen and last-gen consoles and PC alike. However, if you already own a version of Far Cry 6, you can upgrade to the Game of the Year Edition of Ubisoft's shooter right now on the same platform for $59.99/£49.99.

The Game of the Year Edition includes that aforementioned brand new expansion, Lost Between Worlds, as well as all previously-released DLC content for the game, including Season Pass content. Headlining this is three DLC episodes starring past Far Cry villains Vaas, Pagan Min, and Joseph Seed, from Far Crys 3, 4, and 5 respectively.

You'll also bag the Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon Classic Edition, a spin-off DLC that originally launched for Vaas's game, and the Jungle Expedition Pack, the Croc Hunter Pack, and the Vice Pack DLC expansions for Far Cry 6.

Check out our guide on how to get the Far Cry 6 secret ending if you haven't quite seen and done it all in Ubisoft's open-world action game.

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