Far Cry 6 Game of the Year Edition costs $120 for newcomers

Far Cry 6 co op details
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A new edition of Far Cry 6 has been revealed with a $119.99/£99.99 price tag.

This new version of the game would be Far Cry 6 Game of the Year Edition, a re-release for the 2021 action game. Ubisoft has actually stealth-launched the new edition of the game today on October 6, across both new-gen and last-gen consoles and PC alike (via VGC).

As we mentioned above though, this Game of the Year Edition is pretty pricey, retailing at $119.99/£99.99. However, if you already own a version of Far Cry 6, you can actually upgrade to the Game of the Year Edition of Ubisoft's shooter right now on the same platform for $59.99/£49.99.

Top among the Game of the Year Edition contents is actually a brand new expansion, called Lost Between Worlds. This expansion hasn't launched yet for Far Cry 6, however, and we've got no idea what it entails outside this new name.

Elsewhere, the new version of Far Cry 6 includes all previously-released DLC content for the game, including Season Pass content. Headlining this is three DLC episodes starring past Far Cry villains Vaas, Pagan Min, and Joseph Seed, from Far Crys 3, 4, and 5 respectively.

You'll also bag the Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon Classic Edition, a spin-off DLC which originally launched for Vaas's game. Finally, there's also the Jungle Expedition Pack, the Croc Hunter Pack, and the Vice Pack DLC expansions for Far Cry 6, all of which launched throughout the past months for the game.

This new listing finally confirms a leak from last week. At the time, Far Cry 6 Game of the Year Edition leaked online through the Xbox Store, a veritable treasure trove of game leaks via listings. 

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