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Watch Onward online right now - here's how to stream Onward around the world

Watch Onward online
(Image credit: Disney Pixar)

Because we all need a bit of cheering up right now, it may interest you to know that it's possible to watch Onward online now. Yep, that's right - you can stream Onward this very minute, despite the movie having only just hit theatres a month ago.

Wondering why can we watch Onward online all of a sudden? Coronavirus has taken a sledgehammer to normality, so Disney announced that it'd be possible to stream Onward in the US and Canada via their streaming service, Disney Plus. As such, all you need is a Disney Plus sign-up. Once you've got a membership (or a Disney Plus free trial, for that matter), you're free to stream Onward as often as you'd like. In the US and Canada, anyway - Disney hasn't announced when the film will be arriving anywhere else, sadly.

Taking place in a fantasy world where magic has been replaced by modern trappings like cars and TV, Onward follows two brothers who discover that their dearly departed dad was a wizard - and they can meet him for a day using his old staff. Unfortunately for them (but hilariously for us), the staff breaks and only his bottom half materializes. This leads them on an epic quest to fix their mistake.

It's not the only thing worth watching on Disney Plus, though. You can watch The Simpsons online (every season!), Star Wars movies are available too, and you can watch Frozen 2 online in certain regions as well.

So let's get down to it - here's how to stream Onward right away.

Watch Onward online - US

Disney Plus | $6.99 per month
Onward has landed on Disney Plus very early thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, and you can watch it right now if you have a free trial or membership. Sweet!

There's plenty of content to keep you busy once you've finished Onward, too. Frozen 2 can be found on Disney Plus, Marvel films are present and correct, and Star Wars of all kinds is available as well. At $6.99 per month, that's not bad value for money.

Speaking of which, don't forget about Disney's alternative offer - you can get a bundle with Disney Plus, Hulu, and ESPN+ for $12.99 per month.
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Watch Onward online - Canada

Disney Plus | $9.99 per month
If you fancy watching Onward in Canada, we've got good news - you can with a Disney Plus membership. Thanks to coronavirus shutting down theatres, Onward has arrived in our homes a little early; much like US Disney Plus, Pixar's latest is available well ahead of time. Better still, you can watch it even if you sign up for the seven day free trial.

Once you're done with Onward, you'll definitely be kept busy; Disney films obviously make up the bulk of Disney Plus, but Marvel and Star Wars movies are also available.View Deal

Watch Onward online - UK

Bad news, UK friends - we've got no idea when Onward is arriving on Disney Plus, if at all. It's been oddly quiet on that front, so we suspect rights issues are getting in the way. Much like Frozen 2, it could even be tied up somewhere else (presumably Now TV's Sky Cinema pass).

On the plus side, there is plenty to enjoy in the meantime - take The Mandalorian and Star Wars: The Clone Wars, for example.

Watch Onward online - Australia

Sorry, Australian readers - Onward isn't available in your area. Yet, that is. Much like the UK, we suspect this has something to do with rights issues getting in the way. Hopefully that can be sorted out sooner rather than later.

Naturally, we'll keep you informed as and when things change. If Onward gets a release date on Disney Plus, you'll find out right here!

How to watch Onward online anywhere else

Watch Disney Plus in your area
If your country has Disney Plus, we're holding out hope you'll be able to watch Onward on it before long. Although the movie has only been released on the US and Canadian versions of the streaming service right now, there's no reason to believe other regions won't follow in time.

As such, keep an eye on this page for more info. We'll update it as and when we know more. Stay tuned!View Deal

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