Where to launch Fortnite fireworks - Season 7 Week 4 challenges

In celebration of the new year, one of the week four challenges for Fortnite season 7 requires players to launch fireworks in-game. You need to do three in total and it’s not tricky, all you have to do is interact with them in order to launch the fireworks. But where are they? There are 14 Fortnite firework locations in total and they can all be found around the edge of the island, pointing over the ocean. We wouldn’t want any firework related casualties now, would we?

Here are all of the places you can find fireworks in Fortnite. Remember that you only need to launch three of them to complete the challenge.

  • North-west of Junk Junction, by the huge metal llama
  • South of Haunted Hills, slightly west of the lone house with a shed
  • Atop the mountain east of Snobby Shores, by the abandoned supervillain base
  • Near the two houses south of Snobby Shores, in the snowy part of the map
  • By the first small cottage directly west of Happy Hamlet
  • East of Happy Hamlet, on a small hill near where Flush Factory used to be
  • Next to Lucky Landing in the south-east
  • In the very south-east corner of the map, east of where the desert river trails off into the ocean
  • East of Paradise Palms, by the abandoned farmhouse
  • On the eastern side of the racetrack
  • In the northern part of Lonely Lodge
  • North-east of Wailing Woods, by the huge brick house
  • North-west of The Block, by the first pair of houses
  • West of Lazy Links, just east of the abandoned motel

Quite a few to find! If you’re looking to do them all in one game, we’d recommend starting with the north-west one by the enormous metal llama then moving south to Haunted Hills followed by the abandoned supervillain base. This area of the map usually has little foot traffic and you should be able to launch all three Fortnite fireworks in one match.

Have you found all of the Fortnite letters yet to rebuild the NOMS store sign?