Fortnite Catty Corner vault location: Where to enter it for the challenge

Fortnite Catty Corner vault
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One of the challenges for the brand new season requires players to find and enter the Fortnite Catty Corner vault. Thing is, that's much easier said than done if you don't know where Catty Corner is in Fortnite. We're here to help with our latest Fortnite guide though, so read on for the Fortnite Catty Corner vault location and help on how to enter it for the Fortnite Week 1 challenges.

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Fortnite Catty Corner vault location

First off, in order to find the Fortnite Catty Corner vault, you need to go to grid square G7. At the base of the snowy mountains, you'll find a small building and shop. It's infested with henchmen though, so make sure you grab a weapon before hurtling down.

Kill enough henchmen and a boss will spawn. Kill him and he'll drop the Catty Corner Keycard (along with some more legendary loot). Clean up any remaining henchmen then cross the road to the henchman base. You'll need to kill even more henchmen here, but this is where you'll find the vault. Equipping the keycard will give you the exact location; it's round the back so if you want, you could sneak through like a stealth clown.

Approach the vault door and scan the keycard, then voila! Multiple chests full of loot for you to grab and win the match with. If you're unable to find it based on this description, make sure you watch the video above for everything you need to know.

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