Apex Legends Gibraltar character guide: How to use the Shielded Fortress and win the game, brudda

Every character has their strengths and weaknesses but in Apex Legends, Gibraltar isn't the most popular choice due to his... rather large body. He's the true definition of a tank, able to protect his teammates and call in artillery strikes, but his huge frame has put Apex Legends players off choosing him. If you want to go against the grain and use this magnificent beast, however, then you've come to the right place because our Apex Legends Gibraltar guide has everything you need.

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Apex Legends Gibraltar abilities & ultimate explained

Apex Legends Gibraltar abilities & ultimate

Gibraltar's kit is actually one of the strongest in the game, believe it or not. Starting with his passive, the Gun Shield is an automatically deployed shield for your gun. Crazy, right? Whenever you aim down the sights, the shield will pop up and absorb any incoming bullets to your face. It's quite bright though so if you're trying to be stealthy... maybe put it down.

His tactical is even more useful; the Dome of Protection is an enormous bubble shield that you can throw down to protect your teammates and block all gunfire for 15 seconds. It's great for when you need to revive someone and you're being shot at from distance, but watch out because it doesn't stop enemies infiltrating your ranks and passing through the shield to shoot you from inside it. Also, you can't shoot out of it either so it works both ways.

Defensive Bombardment is Gibraltar's ultimate, and if you've played as Bangalore a lot then this is essentially that but even better. The issue with Bangalore's ult is that players can escape the missiles before they explode, but Gibraltar's is a concentrated mortar strike that explodes instantly. If you throw down your Dome of Protection around your teammates then instantly call in your ultimate, you'll be protected and any enemies in the vicinity will be blown to smithereens.

How to play Gibraltar in Apex Legends - Tips & tricks

Apex Legends Gibraltar Dome of Protection

  • Drop your gun shield when playing stealthily - We briefly mentioned this above but seriously, if you're trying to play quietly and survive rather than engage, drop your gun shield. It's basically a big beacon on your head if people don't already know where you are, alerting them to your position.
  • Don't be afraid of head-on engagements - Thanks to the gun shield, if you and an opponent are equally matched, you'll always win head-on gunfights because your shield will absorb the first few shots to the face. Of course, the weapon you're using and how accurate you are factor in, but you don't need to flee and heal from fights as quickly as you do with other characters.
  • Combo the Dome of Protection with Defensive Bombardment - We covered this already too but we cannot overstate how well Gibraltar's ultimate and tactical abilities combo together. If you're in a sticky situation, throw 'em both down and watch the limbs fly everywhere. Figuratively of course, Apex Legends doesn't have much gore.

How does the Gibraltar hitbox compared to other legends?

At the time of writing, Gibraltar's hitbox is the largest in the game. It's a staggering 140% larger than Wraith's hitbox - the smallest character - as explained in our Apex Legends hitboxes guide, which means Gibraltar is a very large man indeed. There'll be no Neo-esque bullet dodging here.

This won't be the case for long though, because Respawn has confirmed they'll be making some adjustments to Gibraltar's hitbox - along with Pathfinder and Caustic - at the start of the Apex Legends battle pass season one. We don't know exactly how much they'll be reduced by, but it should provide the three largest characters in the game with some much needed changes.

Apex Legends Gibraltar voice actor - Branscombe Richmond

Gibraltar voice actor - Branscombe Richmond

Branscombe Richmond is the man behind Gibraltar, and his filmography is long and varied with over 60 roles. In the late 1970s he featured in films like The Chicken Chronicles and The Kentucky Fried Movie, followed by the MacGyver TV series, Hawaiian Heat, and L.A. Bounty in the 80s. More recently he was in Batman Returns, Kindergarten Cop, The Scorpion King, and Mike And Dave Need Wedding Cakes.

Now get behind my shield, brudda!