Ahsoka episode 4’s chilling musical Easter egg may be setting up a sinister twist

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Warning! We’re discussing some big Ahsoka episode 4 spoilers here so please make sure you’re up to date before going any further.

"Hello, Snips" – it's the reunion we’ve been hoping for ever since Ahsoka Tano made the switch to live-action, and episode 4 went there. The latest outing for the former Jedi ended with Ahsoka being pulled into the World Between Worlds where she encountered Anakin Skywalker, her former master (here's your refresher on their relationship). 

It’s an emotional moment for Star Wars fans (especially those who’ve watched all of the animated series), but it’s also a very intriguing introduction at this point in the story. We get some of the banter and joy of the reunion, as well as the thrill of seeing Hayden Christensen back once again as the iconic encounter.

If only it was all warm feelings, as we couldn’t help but notice some chilling clues that maybe not all is as it seems. The most major red flag is the music cue as the episode fades out and a few bars of Darth Vader’s iconic theme play. But what exactly does this mean? Well, we've already spotted some sinister theories...

"When the music changed from happy reunion to Vader's theme.... Chills," one Redditor wrote. "Next week is going to be crazy." Meanwhile another added: "Vader’s theme being the last thing we hear is worrying, and makes me think this may not be chosen one force ghost Anakin so much as a Cave of Darkness type vision."

Hayden Christensen as Anakin Skywalker in Ahsoka

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Some other viewers agreed that the iconic musical cue may even mean this is not the Anakin we think it is. "Not loving that Vader theme after the reunion. I hope that's really Anakin's spirit and not something more sinister," speculated another user, before adding: "Anakin has definitely been redeemed at this point, but we are dealing with an ex-Jedi who knew Ahsoka's past and a practitioner of night sister sorcery. I'm not ruling out sinister magiks. Star Wars is all about the musical cues, and Vader's theme is not one to begin a touching reunion."

The music wasn’t the only worry either, as there were some other creepy hidden details in the reunion scene as others noticed a familiar lightsaber hilt on his belt. 

"Surely since he's appearing to Ahsoka as Anakin, he would have the saber he had while they were together in the Clone Wars? Which would have been his iconic second saber," a fan pointed out. "The saber he has is NOT totally silver, which leads me to believe it's Vader's." They added that it’s unlikely that Ahsoka showrunner Dave Filoni would have done this for no reason. And to be honest, we’d be inclined to agree…

As the credits roll on episode 4, there’s certainly some major questions about what’s going on with this reunion. But I’m sure you’re with us in being excited to see where they all go next. In the meantime, take a deep dive into all you need to know about:

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