In a strange apparent leak, a YouTube user going by Gamecheat13 has posted a ton of images and video from the upcoming DLC pack for Modern Warfare 3 coming in September. There's no word on how these were procured, but they appear to be the real deal.

The images were pulled from a video that was put up by Gamecheat13 which was subsequently taken down. However, Start/Select managed to grab some of the video before it came down, and included it as b-roll in their latest video.

You can check out all of the images above which show off the three new levels Parish, Gulch, and Boardwalk which are based on their namesakes. Boardwalk is described as "elevated main paths set off by close-quarters flanks," while Gulch is said to be an, "abandoned Utah mining settlement features an open layout and strong flanks," and finally we have Parish, "fast-paced matches with an abundance of close-quarters fighting."


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