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Where to find Fortnite Apples and how to gain health from them


UPDATE - If you're looking for foraged apples to complete the Chapter 2 Trick Shot challenge then visit our Fortnite Orchard location guide.


We all know the main ways of increasing your health in Fortnite, such as consuming bandages or a medikit, but if you've found Fortnite Apples hiding in the grass then you'll know that chomping them down will provide you with a small health boost. These small red fruit may keep the doctor away, but due to their limited healing effect - only 5 health gained per apple eaten - they're not exactly a priority item for players to be on the look out for. However, if you're running low and don't have any other healing supplies to hand, they can still give you that extra little boost that could still make a difference. Read on, and we'll point you in the right direction and show you exactly what you're looking for.

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Where to find the Fortnite Apples

As with other items in the game, Apples will randomly appear in a selection of locations around the Fortnite map. The areas marked on this map are ones where Fortnite Apples have been found - mainly around Loot Lake, Dusty Divot, Salty Springs, and Fatal Fields:

Note that Fortnite Apples may not appear in all of those locations in every match, and other players may already have been there to eat the fruit before you get a chance. When you arrive in one of the locations, you'll want to search for trees that look like this:

Have a look around the area underneath the trees, and if you're in luck you'll spot a glowing Fortnite Apple ready for consuming. If your health is already full then you won't be able to eat the Apple - building a ramp four sections high then falling off the end should inflict a small amount of damage on yourself, allowing you to tuck in to the fruit and add another Apple to your tally.

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