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FIFA 22 Numbers up guide and complete cards list

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FIFA 22 Numbers up sees EA team with Adidas in a first-of-its-kind partnership for Ultimate Team. As part of the campaign, certain players affiliated to the sportswear giant have their FIFA 22 stats increased gradually throughout the season, and big names featured include Joao Felix, Diogo Jota and Eder Militao. Below we explain how it all works, outline what you can expect to pay in order to nab the best players, and serve up the complete FIFA 22 Numbersup cards list.

How the FIFA 22 Numbers up campaign works


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The FIFA 22 Numbers up promo launched on Friday, November 12, and introduces a selection of new orange-and-yellow cards to Ultimate Team, with stats boosts given to each item. In a first for FUT, these attribute increases are specific to the type of boots worn by that player. 

FIFA 22 Numbersup cards are split into three categories, which dictate the type of upgrade granted. Wearers of the Adidas Copa boot get an increased passing rating. Those who sport Adidas Predator footwear earn a souped-up dribbling stat. And, most tantalising of all, those who step onto the pitch in Adidas X boots score an increased pace rating.

The one exception to the above is Barcelona keeper Marc-Andre Ter Stegen. He’s assigned the Adidas Predator boot, but receives an upgrade to his handling, rather than dribbling, stat.

If those initial attribute leaps weren’t tempting enough, there are further card boosts to come during the season. Eventually all Adidas Copa players will score a 99 rating for passing, Adidas Predator players will be rated 99 for dribbling, and Adidas X wearers will hare around the park with 99 pace. 

While other attributes won’t rise all the way up to 99, they’ll also be given increases to ensure that each card remains highly playable for more than one stat.

When do FIFA 22 Numbers up boosts occur?


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Over to EA Canada for the answer to this one. 

“There will be two additional Numbers up upgrades over the course of the football season,” says the developer. “After the initial upgrade at the launch of the campaign on November 12, the second upgrade will take place at the end of December, and the third and final upgrade will come later in 2022."

FIFA 22 Numbers up SBC and Objectives


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There are two limited-time FIFA 22 Numbers up cards available in addition to the 11 initially released in packs. 

Madrid winger Marco Asensio can be acquired by completing a FIFA 22 Numbersup SBC set which is open until Friday, November 19. He’s a Predator wearer and so the respective card features a dribbling rating of 91, and slightly adjusted OVR of 85 – compared to 83 on his base gold card. The SBC costs around 45K coins to complete, as of Monday. November 15.

The second exclusive card belongs to another wide player – Tottenham and Netherlands midfielder Steven Bergwijn. This one is an Adidas X item, and so will see his pace rating increase from 92 to 99 across the season. (Its initial OVR is 84.] 

To unlock Bergwijn you need to complete four in-game objectives within the FUT Friendly: Numbers Up match type, such as scoring in five separate matches using a team of players with 82+ rated pace. Like the Asensio challenge, it’s available until Friday, November 19.

FIFA 22 Numbers up prices  


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FIFA players (myself included) are obsessed with pace above all other stats, so it’s no surprise to report that the campaign’s most expensive cards are all those in the Adidas X boot category.

As of Monday, November 15, Portuguese striker Joao Felix (Atletico Madrid, 88) tops the price list at a wallet-scorching 800,000 coins, ahead of Diogo Jota (Liverpool, 86) and Angel di Maria (Paris SG, 89). Jota is going for around 475,000 coins, while di Maria is slightly cheaper (but still incredibly expensive) at 310,000.

Centre-back Eder Militao (Real Madrid, 85) is the priciest Adidas Predator card, at 420,000 coins. Adidas Copa cards are a touch more affordable, with Mats Hummels (Borussia Dortmund, 88) and Declan Rice (West Ham United, 87) setting you back 29,000 coins apiece.       

What happens if a FIFA 22 Numbers up player leaves Adidas?


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There’s no need to worry if a Numbersup player switches boot manufacturer allegiances mid-season. “If a player changes from using Adidas boots to another brand it will not affect their item or progression and they will still be eligible for all Numpersup upgrades,” says EA. 

Similarly, because these card boosts aren’t linked to real-life performances, there’s no need to worry if a player you own suffers a loss of form, or gets injured. The Numbers up cards for Felix, Jota and Bergwijn are all guaranteed to have 99 pace ratings by the end of the season.

The complete FIFA 22 Numbers up card list


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Below is the complete FIFA 22 Numbers up player list, as of Monday, November 15. We’ve sorted it by boot category, and included each player’s predominant individual boost, as well as his new OVR. We’ll update this feature – and card list – in late December, after the second set of Numbersup boosts kick in.

FIFA 22 Numbers up Adidas X cards

  • Angel di Maria (RW, Paris SG) – 90 PAC, 89 OVR
  • Joao Felix (CF, Atletico Madrid) – 90 PAC, 88 OVR
  • Diogo Jota (LW, Liverpool) – 91 PC, 86 OVR
  • Giovanni Reyna (CAM, Dortmund) – 89 PAC, 85 OVR
  • Stephen Bergwijn (LM, Tottenham Hotspur) – 92 PAC, 82 OVR
  • Moussa Dembele (ST, Lyon) – 89 PAC, 84 OVR
  • Sergio Reguilon (LB, Tottenham Hotspur) – 91 PAC, 84 OVR

FIFA 22 Numbers up Adidas Predator cards

  • Marco Asensio (RW, Real Madrid) – 91 DRI, 85 OVR
  • Eder Militao (CB, Real Madrid) – 80 DRI, 85 OVR
  • Dele Alli (CAM, Tottenham Hotspur) – 90 DRI, 85 OVR
  • Florian Neuhaus (CM, Moenchengladbach) 89 DRI, 84 OVR
  • Marc-Andre ter Stegen (GK, Barcelona) – 89 HAN, 91 OVR

FIFA 22 Numbers up Adidas Copa cards

  • Mats Hummels (CB, Dortmund) – 87 PAS, 88 OVR
  • Declan Rice (CDM, West Ham) – 86 PAS, 87 OVR
  • Amadou Diawara (CDM, Roma FC) – 87 PAS, 84 OVR
  • Fabian (CM, Napoli) – 87 PAS, 84 OVR

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