SWTOR datacron locations guide


Willpower +4 (X: -501, Y: 768)

Located in the High Security Section. Find the hidden path at -841, 791 and follow it to the datacron.

Endurance +4 (X: -992, Y: -450)

Also in the High Security Section. In the northernmost section of the map is a crater-like cave.

Go inside (beware of the level 41 Elites and Champion) and follow the cave to the datacron.

Presence +4 (X: -1915, Y: -476)

Find the hidden passage entrance in the Maximum Security Section at -2131, 294.

Once you go through the passage, hug the rocks to the right and wrap around the lava. You’ll find the datacron on a ledge.

Aim +4 (X: -785, Y: -1930)

This one is a pain in the ass. It’s in the middle of a volcano in the The Tomb area of Belsavis. You kind of have to use a terrain exploit to reach it (unless you’ve found a way to presumably activate the magical light bridge nearby).

Circle around the rocks and keep trying to jump up onto the rock shown here.

Once on top, circle around the ledge to the left, be careful not to fall off.

Reach the rock above the datacron in picture D. Get on your speeder and jump for the datacron.

Green Matrix Shard

This is a pretty time consuming datacron to obtain; to get it, you must find four Rakata Energy Cubes that spawn randomly around The Tomb zone. They look similar to datacrons but don’t have the beacon-like hue of color. With the Rakata Energy Cubes in your possession, head through the path that leads through the giant tree at -533, -2167. Go down the elevator in the middle of the passage, insert the four energy cubes into the console units, and the datacron will be released.