SWTOR datacron locations guide


Willpower +4 (X: -33, Y: 111)

This datacron is located in The old Paths zone of Voss. Start near the two cave entrances at -658, -85 and take to path to the left of the left-most cave.

Take it up and around and keep going until you find the rocks that can be used as a staircase to enter the cave shown here (map - coordinates are -442, 85).

Go through the cave to reach the datacron.

Presence +4 (X: 2000, Y: -941)

This one is easy - just head to The Nightmare Lands and find the Meditation Tablet at 2000, -941.

This sends you to the Spirit World where you’ll find the datacron.

Endurance +4 (X: -1947, Y:-73)

Enter the Shrine of Healing north of The Old Paths to find the datacron.

You might have to use the healing crystal in the northeast corner of the shrine to purify yourself first if you get a message about not being worthy enough to obtain the datacron. Note that Imperials will have to complete the quest entitled “The Gormak Problem” (obtained from Pilgrim Retreat) and its follow-up quest “The Trials” before the healing crystal can be activated. Republic characters must complete “The Trial” quest first.

Strength +4 (X: 654, Y: 217)

In The Gormak Lands, head to a small rock passage located on a raised hill (picture / map, coordinates 572, 211).

Run through and the datacron is located behind the large boulder jutting out of the ground.

Cunning +4 (X: 498, Y: 139)

This datacron is located in a heroic area of The Nightmare Lands. First, find the passage in the map / picture that leads to the heroic area (coordinates 850, 33).

Once there, you must first loot the body in the picture / map above to get shield codes (438, 139).

Right near the body is an elevator with a protective barrier. Use the codes on the nearby control panel to remove the shield and ride the elevator down to the datacron.