SWTOR datacron locations guide


Presence +4 (X: 1039, Y: 157)

Glacial Fissure area. Find the cave at 1031, 57.

Once inside, follow it and jump up on the ledge near the satellite dish to reach the location in the image above.

From here, follow the ledge around, and jump down to the lower area (it’s quite the drop) to the location above.

From here, follow the trail and enter the cave.

This leads to the ledge on which the datacron is located.

Red Matrix Shard (X: -741, Y: 68)

Buy a Hydro-Thinner from the Cantina vendor right near where you land on the planet. Next, head to coordinates -738, 69 in Highmount Ridge.

You’ll find the datacron frozen in a block of ice. Use the Hydro-Thinner to melt the ice and claim the datacron.

Endurance +4 (X: 2838, Y: 54)

Head to the Jedi Encampment (a heroic zone) in the northeast Starship Graveyard (2766, 52). Once inside, find the snowy ledge above.

Jump up the ledge and head across the path to the archway that covers the entrance to the Encampment (second image).

Jump down onto the archway, and jump down again to the location here.

Follow it to the crashed spaceship, and run along the ledge of the ship. Occasionally, you’ll have to run around giant chunks of ice and back onto the outer rim of the ship.

You will eventually reach a ice chunk that you must ascend to the second level of the ship’s outer ledge.

Once on the second level, circle back and you’ll find the datacron.

Cunning +4 (X: 3144, Y: -12)

You’ll need to enter the Star of Coruscant at 2965, -53. Once inside, head to the elevator at the back.

On the second level, jump on the forklift shown here.

Jump across the crates and wait for the crane in the above image.

Ride it across and jump to the crates to the west.

Ride the second moving crate, and jump onto the crate that rises vertically.

Once on top, simply jump to the datacron’s location.

Strength +4 (X: 2991 Y: -44)

First, head to the Clabburn Tundra to the location on the map (-4095,f 114). You need to kill a level 47 elite Ancient Droid and loot a depleted datacron from its body.

Next, take the cube to the location in the Starship Graveyard shown here.

You’ll take the ramp on the south wall from within the Star of Coruscant and use the recharge station on the cube.