SWTOR datacron locations guide

Nar Shadaa

EMPIRE - Strength +3 (X: 2017, Y: -1607)

Head to the Network Access area and run up to the end of the path in picture / map A (coordinates 1950, -1567).

Jump down onto the pipe in picture B, heal up, and jump down to the ledge below with the taxi on it.

Take this and it will drop you off next to the datacron.

EMPIRE - Presence +3 (X: 2928, Y: -1451)

Located in the Slums of the Duros Sector - you’ll have to jump on top a bunch of boxes and equipment to reach it. Start at the set of crates in the picture / map (coordinates 1599, -3176).

Jump onto the crates and up to the series of beams shown above.

Jump on the beams to reach the platform.

Next, jump onto the canvas to the adjacent platform and take the elevator to the Residential Catwalks.

Upon exiting, jump on the pipes to your immediate left...

...jump onto the canvas from the adjacent platform, and reach the datacron.

EMPIRE - Aim +3 (X: -3701, Y: 270)

Head to the Corellian Sector and jump up onto the awning in the image directly above.

Wait for the kiosk to float by, jump on top, and ride it to the datacron’s platform.

REPUBLIC - Aim +3 (X: -3361, Y: 249)

Head to the northeast corner of the Nikto sector to the location in the picture / map above (coordinates -3298, 226).

Jump up onto the series of crates and onto the canvas.

Run up the second anchor line. Jump onto the nearby pipe, follow it to the end, and jump to the second set of pipes.

Once atop the platform, carefully jump to the thin sign and on to the balcony. You’ll see the datacron glowing in the distance; drop down onto the anchor line from the platform shown here and make your way to it.

REPUBLIC - Presence +3 (X: 3339, Y: -3089)

Go to the Gauntlet Gang Area in the Red Light Sector via elevator. Head to the area in the picture / map (coordinates 3689, -1522).

Jump up on the crates and awning to reach the ledge shown above.

Take the elevator to reach the datacron.

REPUBLIC - Strength +3 (X: 2155, Y: -1587)

Head to the location in picture / map A in Shadow Town (coordinates 2301, -1547).

Jump up the crates onto the ledge and run until you reach the path that extends from the right.

Once across, jump on the crates to the left and onto the beams...

...then hop onto the panel.

Now jump onto the series of pipes shown here...

...until you reach the balcony here and take the elevator.

Follow the path until you reach the datacron.

Cunning +3 (X: 1957, Y: -1591)

First, make your way to the High Security Lockdown section of Nar Shaddaa (can be reached from the Republic Research Division elevator that leads to the Network Security District). Find the location in the above picture / map (coordinates 2033, -1575).

Jump up onto the crates and follow the ramp up to a catwalk. Follow that to the elevator terminal seen here.

Take it down to the incinerator room, jump down to the ground level, and quickly access the computer terminal.

You’ll need to enter the correct code: 326:3827 (second on the list) to stop the damage and access the datacron.

Yellow Matrix Shard (X: 1781, Y: -1545)

Start by heading to the Network Security District (via the Republic Research Division) and go to the boxes in the picture / map (coordinates 1703, -1567).

Jump up the crates and along the obvious path of pipelines to the upper platform.

Here, find the slot machine that houses the datacron; to access it, you must have previously obtained the Cunning +3 datacron and the slot decoder inside it.