SWTOR datacron locations guide


EMPIRE -  Cunning +3 (X: 729, Y: 492)

Located in Mos Ila on top of the bank. First, find the large rock cliff at 451, 512 (see picture / map). Jump from the rocks to the large canvas and to the building the canvas attaches to.

Run along this building till you reach the wall that spans the main path.

Travel across the bridge and jump across the pipe and onto the steam vent to reach the location in picture C.

Here, jump onto the steel beam and jump across the object in picture D to reach the adjacent building.

Wrap around the building and jump to the next building in picture E.

Finally, jump down onto the bank rooftop to secure the datacron.

Willpower + 3 (X: 2075, Y: 461)

This datacron is located in the Jundland region inside a cave occupied by elite Sand People. To enter the cave you must first jump over the cliff shown above (coordinates 2094, 438).

Run through the cave to reach the datacron.

Aim +3 (X: -623, Y: 479)

Head to the Jundland Transport Ship Crash Site (in Jundland) to the western edge of the upper ridge (coordinates -606, 521). You’ll see the datacron below; carefully jump down the face of the cliff to reach it.

Blue Matrix Shard and Strength +3 (X: -2390, Y: 385)

Both are located on the same isolated Sandcrawler in The Dune Sea. Unfortunately, the only way to get to them is by riding an air balloon that circles the zone, and the only way to hop onto it is by running to the top of the Sandcrawler in the southeast corner of the zone (coordinates -23320, 464). The balloon takes about 40 minutes to circle the zone, so you could be waiting here for awhile.

Once it comes by, hop on and ride it for approximately 15-20 minutes - you should then see the Sandcrawler with the Blue Matrix Shard on top. Jump onto the Sand Crawler (don’t miss!), grab the datacron on top, then look for the ledge with the Strength +3 datacron on it.

Above: Blue Matrix shard

Above: Strength + 3

This is located on the side of the sandcrawler (see picture).

REPUBLIC - Cunning +3 (X: 2142, Y: 452)

Located on a rooftop in Anchorhead. First, start at the hill shown above outside of Anchorhead to the west (see map, coordinates 1528, 444). Jump up onto the hill and onto the wall.

Follow it to the left until you reach the location shown above.

Jump across these rooftops until you reach the location above.

Here, jump to the left-most canvas awning to reach the rooftop with the satellite dish.

Jump to the rooftop on the left until you reach the location show above. Carefully jump to the higher portion of the nearby wall, follow it to the rooftop, and look to your right.

Run up the giant awning to reach the roof of the tall building.

Follow the rooftop to the left, look down, and you should see the datacron on a ledge below.