SWTOR datacron locations guide


Endurance +4 (X: 107, Y: -63)

Find the lift in the map above (coordinates 221, -4).

Ride the lift down, and collect the datacron.

Aim +4 (X: 923, Y: -6)

You have to run through an exhaustion zone to reach the datacron. First, head to the passage in the map (coordinates 1061, -3).

Run along the Eastern Ice Shelf into the snow-heavy exhaustion zone and hug the right wall until you reach the datacron.

Red Matrix Shard (X: 559, Y: -11)

Located inside one of the huts in the Republic Base Camp.

Yellow Matrix Shard (X: 311, Y: -6)

Located in a building just outside the Imperial Base.

Willpower +4 (X: 304, Y: -92)

Head to the northwestern most point in the Eastern Ice Shelf area - it’s a heroic area. You need to find the ice ramp down into the valley (picture / map above, coordinates 936, -11).

Now follow the valley until you reach the cave in picture / map above. The datacron is located inside.