SWTOR datacron locations guide


Strength +4 (X: -2755, Y: -2005)

First, head to Labor Valley and find the pipe attached to the canopy in picture A.

Once atop the canopy, wait for the crane with the fighter attached to move nearby. Jump on the fighter and ride it over to the scaffolding.

Here, jump down and climb the steel beam. There’s a mechanical arm that moves vertically. Jump on it, ride it up, and jump onto the highest crate.

Jump into the adjacent room, find the steel beam in picture E, and climb it to reach the datacron.


Willpower +4 (X: 703, Y: 1717)

Located in the Blastfield Shipyards. See video.

Blue Matrix Shard (X: -2423, Y: -1063)

Go to Labor Valley. Next, find this fake door in the southeast corner (see map). Go through it, head through the tunnel, and find the datacron atop some shipping crates.

Presence +4 (X: 3425, Y: -3209)

First, head into Port Pevaria in the Government District, located at 3279, -3102 (see map).

Once inside, head down to the shipping indent on the map.

There is a crack in the wall near the staircase - head through and run along the pipes.

You’ll find the datacron below some scaffolding.

Aim +4 (X: 3140, Y: -1790)

In the Government District, head to the broken building (see map)

Inside, run up the angled beam and wait for the beam-like elevator to come down.

Jump on time, ride it to the top, and you should see the datacron on a ledge across from you. Position yourself behind the explosive tank so that when you blow it up it launches you to the datacron’s location.

Cunning +4 (X: -2656, Y: -3112) 

Head to the giant pile of rubble in the northeast corner of Labor Valley (see map).

Run up the girder and follow the overhang around the building until you reach a destroyed bridge. Jump up the steel pipe and onto the scaffolding.

Walk above the middle of the broken bridge and hop down onto the bottom level of the bridge (not on top of the ceiling).

The datacron is on top of a box.

Green Matrix Shard (X: 702, Y: -1883)

First make a pit stop in Alderann, find the vendor in picture / map above and purchase the MGGS.

Head to Corellia. Once there, take the shuttle to Axial Park and head inside the Corellian Museum of Starships at 411, -1821.

Take the elevator to the right top reach the shuttle pad. Now jump on the left wing of the ship and hop onto the roof.

Follow it until you reach the ledge sticking out and hop down onto the ledge below.

Follow the ledge until you can see the Magnetic Stabalizer on the roof of the building across from you seen in the image above. Activate it to use your MGGS and propel yourself up to the roof.

Now head into the passageway and follow it to the datacron.


Willpower +4 (X: -2404, Y: 2948)

Located in the Incorporation Islands. Head to the ledge on the map (-2290, -35) and look down.

You should see carrier droids flying below. You have to time a jump off the ledge and land on the droid. It will take you directly to the datacron.