SWTOR datacron locations guide


Endurance +3 (X: 2721, Y: 2496)

This one’s a pain in the ass. First, go find the vendor just south of Tarlarn Outpost (1869, 1091, picture above) and buy the Red Detonite Actuator for 2,000 credits.

Next, find the entrance to the cave in which the datacron is located (along with tons of level 40 elites) at 2373, 2449. Once inside, the datacron is behind a cave wall (see map). You will will see a flashing red light--that’s where you use the Actuator to blow the wall and reach the datacron.

Aim +4 (X: 1107, Y: 80)

First, travel to the damaged lift at 1091, -10.

Here, you have to ride the lift to the little island the datacron is on. The lift moves very slowly, so be patient.

Presence +3 (X: -82, Y: -268)

To reach this datacron, you must ride the Thranta located at -415, -209.

Willpower +3 (X: -2508, Y: -427)

Enter Castle Panteer and find the broken door at -2489, -370.

Enter the crack in the door, run up the stairs, and locate the datacron.

Strength +4 (X: 2190, Y: -2019)

There are two ways to reach this datacron. First, you can buy the Magnetically Guided Grappling System (MCGS) from the vendor located at 1867, 1088 and use it to grapple to the datacron’s location.

Or, you can jump across some terrain and reach it. To do this, go to the location above (2218, 406). Jump along the terrain, wrap around the mountain...

...and jump down to the dam ledge. From here, jump up the ladder to reach the datacron.